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Targeting the retail customer is what the Spectrio StoreCast does best.

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Messaging for Malls and Other Retail Applications


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Thank customers & direct them to specific departments


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Share sales opportunities or advertising promotions

Product Spotlight

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Highlight featured products

Big Events

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Announce holiday events

Add concise, interspersed mini advertising campaigns to your Atmospheres® music with Spectrio StoreCast™. Influence your client’s buying decisions, advertise new services, promote add-ons and more. StoreCast overhead announcements can reinforce your brand and coordinate with your On-Hold messaging and VideoCast, providing consistent branding directly at the point of sale.

Your Atmospheres® with StoreCast Package Includes:

  • Targeted Atmospheres® music library based on your customer demographics.
  • Updates consisting of 500 songs and up to 40 hours of music without a repeat.
  • Custom-scripted StoreCast announcements.
  • Fully-licensed music.


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