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Bring excitement to your website, by adding a custom video component or a web video overlay! Spectrio can add a video spokesperson or objects overlaid directly onto your existing website. We can also develop custom video segments and players to add another dimension to your online presence. Adding Spectrio’s dynamic video components will ensure your website is unique, attention-grabbing and keeps you ahead of your competition!

How Web Video Overlay Works:

  • Spectrio arranges and directs a green screen video shoot of your company spokesperson, owner or Spectrio Video Talent.
  • Spectrio Graphics & Video Engineers key out the image.
  • The image is programmed using Spectrio's proprietary software and placed onto your company's website.
  • The image "floats" over your website content and can appear on multiple pages, detect first time visitors, be set on a timer to change from day/evening and more!


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