The new Spectrio Update Manager (SUM) has been totally redesigned from the ground up using Microsoft Silverlight to provide for a rich user experience. SUM easily installs on your computer and accesses your message scripts via the Internet. SUM provides both "ready to use" and "customizable" content, making it easier than ever to collaborate with our creative team to keep your productions relevant, entertaining, and up-to-date.

s simple to submit new production requests, schedule run dates, track the status, listen to talent and music, and review previously used content, all at your convenience.



The New Spectrio Update Manager (SUM) has arrived...

  • To watch our instructional video click here.
  • For download and installation instructions click here.
  • Need assistance getting started? Contact us at 800-584-4653, ext. 6377 or email us here.

Spectrio Update Manager (SUM)Once you have installed the Spectrio Update Manager (SUM) you will find this program in your start menu and on your desktop for easy access.


To submit new production requests, track their status, listen to talent and music, and review previously used paragraphs and past recordings, please open the SUM application directly on your computer.

Customer Center

To access the Customer Center for reports, bill pay, accounting history, or to submit technical support issues, click here.

New Spectrio Update Manager "SUM" App

View our video tutorial on the new "SUM" App for clients only or skip right to Download and install.

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