Overhead Messaging That Say Volumes.

Promote services. Endorse products. Greet Customers. Whether you are a grocery store, pharmacy, bank, building supply, or mall, custom overhead messaging from AMS offers a host of branded marketing opportunities reaching customer directly at the point of purchase. An effective vehicle for the delivery of customer-crucial information, Overhead Messaging can serve as truly actionable marketing. Keeping in mind that 66% of buying decisions are made at the point of purchase, the right messaging will help create an effective, memorable communications opportunity with limitless possibilities.

Let's Talk Retail!

Targeting the retail customer is what MallTalk by AMS does best. Our audio marketing program is designed specifically for the mall environment, talking to your customer and reinforcing point-of-purchase destination buying. MallTalk by AMS creates a "signature sound" that entertains your consumer. Our hourly audio commercials highlights merchants names and brands, enhances mall events, and then puts it all together with the right amount of advertising interspersed with music to amuse your customer. MallTalk by AMS does it all! From getting to know your products and stores, to crafting custom messages specific to your clientele. MallTalk will write each commercial, match our professional voice talent to your specific brands, and deliver the final product each month with fresh engaging commercials that repeat hourly throughout the mall. We make it easy for customers to shop longer and visit more stores; MallTalk offers the exposure you need as customers make their purchasing decisions.


Messaging for Malls and Other Retail Applications


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Thank customers & direct them to specific departments


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Share sales opportunities or advertising promotions

Product Spotlight

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Highlight featured products

Big Events

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Announce holiday events