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Based on your messaging needs, Spectrio offers the right delivery solution to easily integrate with your existing telephone system. Should you need on hold messaging equipment, our state-of-the-art systems are included as part of our comprehensive managed service programs.

E-mail/File Download

One of our most popular and most convenient delivery methods. Once you receive an e-mail notification that your audio is ready, simply click on the link in the e-mail and you will be prompted to download your custom audio file. Then, simply drag and drop or copy and paste the file directly to a USB flash drive or the memory card for your on hold system. In minutes, you’re ready to go.

IP/Phone Direct Download

This option is ideal for multiple location accounts or whenever a hands-free solution is preferred. Our on hold device easily connects to your phone system and either your broadband Internet connection or standard analog telephone line, allowing our staff to remotely deliver new audio directly to all locations. Spectrio does it all, easily and quickly.

PromptEZSM (For VoIP)

This option employs a customized software solution we call PromptEZ. PromptEZ allows select VoIP systems to securely communicate with Spectrio servers, allowing message and music on hold audio files to be securely transferred into your system with no user involvement required, either at one location or several. An e-mail delivery option can also be used that would allow your IT staff to deploy the audio file, as well.

On Premise

Spectrio also supports more traditional delivery methods, whereby physical media such as CDs, memory cards, USB drives, or cassette tapes can be shipped directly to your site for deployment. Simply insert the media in the on hold messaging player. Your audio is then automatically transferred to the built-in digital memory for trouble free playback over your company's phone system.


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