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Forget cookie cutter marketing. Spectrio customizes your program specifically for your business, your brand, and your customers. How do we do it? We've got decades of experience delivering targeted, strategic audio and video programs, designed to maximize return on investment and help you succeed.

Here are the Five phases that ensure you get exactly what you need...when you need it.

Phase 1: We start exploring.

We'll research your products, services, branding, and target audience to develop an effective marketing plan that works with your existing strategy.

Phase 2: We get creative.

Your Creative Consultant crafts a first draft of your script. You review and make any suggestions. We implement your changes and resubmit the script for your final approval.

Phase 3: We find your sound.

We work with you to select a professional voice talent and the perfect music to convey your branded messages. Our production team then creates your production to your approval.

Phase 4: We get you up and running.

No matter the combination of Spectrio programs you select, we offer various delivery methods with convenient, expedient installation and turn-key implementation.

Phase 5: We don't leave you hanging!

We promise to keep in touch, monitor your changing needs, and provide ongoing assessments of our service's success. This is a continuous, proactive phase where we ensure your customers are getting the most relevant and compelling brand messages possible. It's also the most valuable part of our service!

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