Enhance Your Retail Customer Experience

Our comprehensive suite of customer engagement solutions enables your business to provide retail customers with a modern, cohesive shopping experience.

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Increase Customer Engagement for Retail

Congratulations! You’ve successfully enticed customers to enter your retail store. But do your marketing efforts stop there? Spectrio’s full suite of solutions can help drive revenue, cross-sell your products and services, all while increasing customer loyalty. Our team of experts can help transform your customer engagement efforts into an immersive experience both online and in-store.


Spectrio's Retail Power

At Spectrio, we know that keeping retail customers happy and engaged is key to your continued success. That's why our retail-focused solutions have been specifically designed to:

  • Display important corporate branding and messaging across all of your screens, whether you have one location or one hundred.
  • Transform the customer experience by highlighting your top-performing discounts, products, and promotions on sleek, modern signage.
  • Gather relevant customer data that can be leveraged to retarget customers throughout their customer journey.

Digital Signage That Boosts Sales

Spectrio offers an easy-to-use, turnkey solution for all of your digital signage needs. As a proven leader in the Retail industry, we’re here to help you choose the type of displays that best fit your business’s needs. Our creative team will work with you to develop customized content to draw attention to your location’s special offers, current promotions, and upcoming events. We provide you with everything your business needs for efficient digital signage, including hardware, creative content, dedicated customer service, and free updates.

Wait Boards

Ensure that your customers’ time spent waiting is a positive experience. With Spectrio’s help, your wait boards will feature pre-screened family-friendly content from popular networks like CBS and NBC. Your branded content and promotional ads will be displayed along with this content, ensuring that your customers are engaged and informed, all while cutting down on their perceived wait time.

Menu Boards

Spectrio knows that your offers and services can change constantly--so our signage can, too. Our eye-catching digital menu boards can be easily updated with special offers, pricing, full-service menus, and whatever else your store needs to succeed.

Video Walls

Our software allows your business to combine multiple screens together to make unique and engaging video walls. These attention-grabbing focal points can help drive traffic, keep your customers informed, and ensure that their on-premise experience is as modern and engaging as possible.

Product Feature Boards

Keep the focus on a single message at a time to maximize its impact. Whether it’s a promotional offer or explainer videos, highlight a rotating playlist that speaks to your customers’ needs.

Social Media

Show an interactive, filtered feed of customers' posts to your social media hashtags and accounts on Instagram and Twitter. Moderate posts from any computer or with our free smartphone app.

Inventory Tracking

Got a hot new item in-store? Our integrations with your POS system allow you to monitor inventory, track purchases, and better target future customer needs.


Browse Our Engaging, Entertaining Content

Your day-to-day operations don’t need to be bogged down by developing new content day in, day out. Spectrio is here to handle creating original content for your digital signage. You can also explore our extensive content library for retail locations to create a playlist all your own. Choose from hundreds of animated videos and images featuring 3D animation, interviews, trivia, holiday greetings, seasonal topics, and more.


WiFi Marketing

WiFi Marketing is more than just providing your visitors with free internet access. Working alongside your existing network, Spectrio’s Wifi Marketing solution allows you to gather vital data about your customers and target them with real-time marketing. By capturing your customer’s information via your WiFi network, you can drive particular users to unique splash pages that best fit their interests, branded for your location with your most relevant information. Timely text messages can easily be deployed to customers both in and out of your store.


of shoppers admitted to using their mobile device while shopping in store.


of SMBs report that more than half of their revenue comes from repeat customers, rather than new business.

Wifi Marketing

On-Hold Marketing

Transform your customers’ on-hold experience with Spectrio’s unique blend of music and messaging. Our on-hold experts will help you develop messaging for your retail store that informs callers about your hours, location, special offers, and more. Gone are the days of your store being overwhelmed with phone calls and voice messages. Spectrio’s On-Hold Marketing can not only reduce the burden of managing these calls on your staff but can drive revenue and improve your customers’ impression of your business overall.


of callers hang up when they are left in silence while on hold.


of phone callers make purchases based on information they heard on hold.

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On-Premise Messaging

Playing the right music in your store is key to creating a welcoming atmosphere for your customers. Spectrio’s custom On-Premise Music and Messaging will help increase buying potential, raise employee productivity, and build brand awareness. Perhaps most importantly, all of our playlists are fully licensed, keeping your business from getting slapped with costly legal fees from playing unlicensed music in your store.

Our team of experts will work with your business to create playlists that meld perfectly with your brand and the mood of your location. Choose from our wide selection of voice talent to ensure your overhead messages hit the right tone when it comes to promoting sales and providing direction to staff and customers alike.


of consumers have been influenced by a location’s atmosphere.


reduction in stress levels can be achieved by music with an upbeat rhythm.

Overhead Messaging

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