digital displays behind a busy bar

Have you ever seen a business using digital signage and thought, “What’s the difference between that and a regular old sign hanging on the wall?”

If you’re just getting started with a digital signage solution, or if you’re looking to update your current software, your content needs to be engaging to make an impact (and to be worth the investment). After all, it’s the content that the end-viewer will ultimately see!

At Enplug, we specialize in digital signage content that’s both eye-catching and engaging.

Here are the five must-do’s for the most engaging digital signage content.

1. Interact with your audience

The best way to grab any viewer’s attention? Get them involved! Smartphones play a huge part in making the digital signage content experience more engaging. Text message integrations are a slightly outdated, yet still effective method (“Text 52555 with your vote!”). However, social media walls have stolen the spotlight. Not only can users share their thoughts in real-time, they can also include photos, hashtags, and of course have it all tied to their profile to share their identity.

2. Clearly convey your message

Don’t create content just for the sake of creating content—that’s just noise. Your message, whether it be a promotion, call-to-action (“Review us on Yelp!”), or just useful information, should avoid clutter and always have a purpose. So ask yourself: what is your content’s purpose? Can you understand the message within three seconds of viewing? If not, you may need to rethink the design and attempt to make your content more simple and straight-forward.

3. Keep it fresh

Content that is fresh and consistently updated will prove to be most engaging. While this can be done by updating your content (like promotions and photos) on the regular, your software provider and content management solution should offer options for content automation. Content like live RSS feeds, live social media walls, and weather are good examples of easy automation that you can set and forget.

4. Be relevant

Content that’s not useful to your customers has no use in your business. It all starts with your goal for your content. Are you trying to sell, sell, sell? Or are you creating a better customer experience through technology, while also promoting your product/brand? If the latter resonates with you, you’re doing it right. For a hotel lobby, you’ll probably want a live RSS feed and weather. For a restaurant waiting area, look to social media and images or video of the latest promotions. What do your customers want to see?

5. Use high-quality images

High-quality and visually stimulating photos can help enhance your message and draw more attention to your screen. Hiring a professional photographer to come take photos of your business is usually the best option for high-quality images. However, if you don’t have access to professional photography, you can always try stock image websites like Shutterstock (which will cost you money) or PhotoPin (for free images if you’re on a tight budget). While there are shoestring-budget options, always invest in good imagery when possible. It goes a long way when people are developing their impression of your brand or product.

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