We already established what not to do when creating your on-hold customer experience in a previous blog post–now it’s time to take a look what you should do. 

When creating a good on-hold customer experience, intentionality is important. What you share with customers when they call your business has the ability to inform, engage, and even sell — but only if you strategically create a script that connects and resonates with callers.

The next time you update your on-hold messaging (which you should do sooner rather than later), use these hold message examples to get ideas for writing a script that improves the customer calling experience and creates opportunities for increasing your revenue.

Start with a Warm Greeting

When customers get to your on-hold message, let them know who they have called and offer a very brief introduction to your business.

Example: Thank you for calling ABC Plumbing, Tampa’s most trusted plumbers for over 20 years.”

Let the caller know what they should expect to happen next.

Examples: “Our representatives are on the line with other customers. Someone will be with you shortly.”

Please listen to the following prompts to direct your call.”

Customers appreciate knowing how long their wait will be. Consider using a technology that tells callers the estimated length of their wait.

Example: “The next representative will be with you in [X] minutes.”

Provide Answers to FAQs

You can serve customers before they get on the line with a live person. Improve the customer calling experience by giving them the information they may be looking for.

Examples: “Our business hours are Monday through Friday, 9 am to 7 pm.”

“We are located at 123 Main Street in Tampa, Florida.”

You can also direct them to other resources that provide additional information. These hold message examples show how you can guide callers to places where they can find information faster.

Examples: “For directions and service rates, please visit our website, ABCPlumbers.com.”

“You can now schedule appointments using our the ABC Plumber App. It is free for download and allows you to schedule appointments with just a few clicks.”

Depending on the COVID-19 related mandates or requirements in your area, it may also be beneficial to provide customers information on safety procedures and protocols.

Examples: “All of our technicians will be wearing masks and disinfecting during their visit to your home or business.” 

Promote Offers and Services

Once you have given callers the basic information they need, you can begin to deliver promotional information that may be of interest to them. You can increase revenue using on hold messages by sharing details about current sales and specials.

Examples: “For a limited time, we are offering a 25% discount to customers who schedule a service one week in advance.”  

“Call us when you have a clog, and we’ll come check it out for no charge. In-home inspections are free.”

Inform customers about products, programs, or services they may not be aware of. These hold message examples show how having a customer on the line is the perfect opportunity to promote your business offerings to a highly engaged audience.

Examples: “Did you know that ABC does more than plumbing? We also offer water damage and mold restoration services that can clean up even the dirtiest job.”

“Are you a member of our customer loyalty program? If you aren’t, talk to our representative about how you can start saving by sticking with ABC Plumbers.”

“You can save cash by referring customers to ABC. Ask us about our customer referral rewards program.”

Educate Customers About Your Industry

Your hold message shouldn’t aim to serve only your business. Use your messages to help and educate your audience as well. Give helpful tips and offer advice on how to take care of products or services that are related to your business or industry.

Example: Stinky sewer smell coming out of an unused drain? Sometimes you just need to run some fresh water to flush out the trap.”  

Include seasonal messages that inform customers about changes throughout the year.

Example: “Winter is coming. Make sure you winterize your pipes in vacation or vacant homes to avoid pipe freezing.”

If the educational message is long, tease the information and direct the audience to where they can go to learn more.

Example: “We know you plunge before you call us. But are you doing it the right way? Find out by visiting our Plunging Best Practices Guide on our website.”

Ask for Reviews and Social Shares

When a customer or client is on hold, you have their attention. Don’t be shy – use this connection as an opportunity to make an ask. Tell callers you value their feedback and ask for a review.

Example: “At ABC Plumbing, we value our customers and love to hear from you. We welcome you to leave a review or feedback on our website.”

Guide them to connect with you on digital platforms, and ask them to follow you on social media or join your email list.

Examples: “Visit and like our Facebook page to get tips and updates on taking care of the pipes in your home.”

“If you just bought your home, visit our website and sign up for our monthly newsletter filled with tips and advice for first-time homeowners.”

These hold message examples can be upgraded by adding an offer to your ask. It’s a good way to encourage callers to take action.

Example: “We’ll thank you by offering you 10% off on your next service.”

Thank Your Customers for Their Time

Even when presented with engaging and informative content, people typically don’t like spending time on hold. Make sure your callers know that you value their time by repeatedly thanking them for their patience and reminding them that you will be with them soon.

Examples: “ABC Plumbing values your time, and we thank you for holding.”

“Thanks for your time. An ABC Plumbing representative will be with you shortly.”

When customers are on the line, you have a direct connection with a highly-engaged audience. Use this as an opportunity to share messages that serve both callers and your business.

You can use these hold message examples to give you the inspiration to improve and upgrade the on-hold customer experience at your business or organization. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get expert advice on how to maximize your on-hold messaging!

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