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You’ve upgraded your digital display with Enplug and now you are at the thrilling point of selecting your apps to customize the content.

Enplug’s App Market offers you the largest variety of content to show on your display. There’s an app to fulfill any of your innovative ideas.

To reveal which apps to use, we’ll first need to determine the goal of your Enplug-powered display. Enplug Control, the web portal where you manage your display’s content and apps, updates all your content in realtime. If you change your goals, Enplug makes it easy to add and remove apps for a fresh new look.

Pick your display’s personality and we’ll give you our app suggestions.

1. The Master of Going Viral
You want your venue be the talk of the online town.


Social media apps
Enable Twitter, Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, and Swarm. You’ll incentivize your customer to talk about you on social media by giving them 15-seconds of fame on your display. Whenever your customer mentions you on social media or checks-in on social media at your business, they’ll instantly appear on your display. Enplug’s intelligent software also filters all the messages so only content that is positive will appear.

Graphics app
Create large call-to-action digital posters to encourage your customers to share even more.

2. The Brand Expert
You want any customer looking at your display to know exactly what you stand for.


Social media apps
Showcase your brand’s voice by featuring all your own social media posts.

Video app
Your display is the perfect tool to stream your brand video.

Photo app
They say pictures say a thousand words.

Instagram collage app
They also say 50 pictures say 50 thousand words.

Blog app
Add your blog in Enplug Control, the web app that lets you control all aspects of your displays, and see your blog articles instantly displayed.

3. The Knowledge Hub
You want viewers to learn from you and respect your knowledge base.


News app
Choose relevant sites to your business and stream that site’s content to your display.

Blog app
Educate your customers by featuring your own blog content on your display.

4. The Standup Comedian
You want to get a laugh out of anyone.


RSS app
Select a funny website feed to be displayed.

Photo app
Got some entertaining photos to share?

Video app
Your pranks are best described in video format.

Social media app
Enplug lets you show Chris Rock, Louie C.K., or any of your other favorite comedians’ Twitter feed on your display.

5. The Team Builder
You love to share your team with others and invite participation from your team on the display.


Social media apps
Reveal your team’s true self by showing your teammates’ messages and photos.

Video and photo app
Don’t just let your funny and awesome team photos sit on your laptop.

Blog app
Showcase your blog to keep employees in the loop on the content you’re sharing.

6. The Focused Messenger
You have one message to get across.


Graphics app for menu board or promotions
Schedule your content to be on the display 24/7 or change the content for each day.

7. The Trophy Cabinet
You want to showcase all of your accolades, fans, and positive reviews.


Yelp app
Select your favorite Yelp reviews and let it shine on your display.

Photo app
Hundreds of award photos? Not a problem. Upload them all easily on Enplug Control.

Video app
Showcase a dynamic video of all the great work that you’ve done for your clients.

8. The Sales Guru
You want to seamlessly upsell your customers.


Social media apps
Let your existing customers do the selling for you. Share their Tweets and Instagram photos of their favorite product at your venue.

Photo app
Got a special deal each day? Easily schedule the marketing content ahead of time in Enplug Control.

Video app
Let your customer testimonial videos do the sale for you.

Discover new apps for your business in the Enplug App Store constantly. Have a techie side? You can even build your own custom app with Enplug’s SDK. Whatever personality you want to shine across your business, Enplug makes it possible.