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Customer Engagement Marketing Solutions

Standing out in today’s crowded and competitive marketing landscape isn’t easy. That means every visitor and potential customer who engages with your business represents a huge victory. So why not maximize every opportunity by engaging customers at every stop on their path to purchase?


Digital Signage

Digital Signage is your silent salesperson that engages, educates, and entertain customers. Whether it’s behind your counter or in your waiting area, use your Digital Signage to communicate your most important messaging when customers are considering what’s best for their vehicle.

Service Menu Boards

Educate and inform customers with everything about your service center. Highlight promotions and sales, build trust with customers, and demonstrate the value of your brand.

Waiting Room TV

Entertain customers waiting in your shop with pre-screened, family friendly clips from popular networks. Plus, remove competitor and other commercials and use that time to promote your brand and services.

Vehicle On Demand

People buy when they understand. Vehicle on Demand provides your service advisors with a unique tool to show the customer what’s going on with their car which in turn helps them understand the need and urgency for recommended service and repairs. Best of all, it’s free with any Digital Signage service.

Content Library

Never struggle with creating content on your own. Tap into our expansive library of automotive content to fill your playlists. Choose from hundreds of animated videos and images that feature 3D animation, interviews, trivia, holiday greetings, seasonal topics, and more. Want to see more of our automotive library? Click below to see how Spectrio’s Digital Signage solutions and custom video content can drive sales at your auto shop.


WiFi Marketing

Imagine knowing your customers behaviors, wants and propensity to buy to inform your communications. If used to the fullest, Wi-Fi Marketing is a cost-effective lead generation source with a high ROI. Turn your current Wi-Fi network into a high impact marketing tool that drives buyer behavior. With Spectrio’s scalable, cloud-based solution, you can personalize relevant, real-time interactions with customers using WiFi marketing, analytics and management.


of businesses that are using mobile marketing report a rise in new customers.


of shoppers use their mobile device while shopping in-store.


On-Premise Messaging and Music

Overhead Music has the power to influence shopper behavior and drive sales for your business. Think that playing something from the radio or on your iPod is the way to go? Think again. Playing music without proper licensing or a thought-out strategy leaves you open to stiff licensing fines, competitors’ ads being aired, or playing music that could drive your customer base out of your store. The right music will enhance your customers’ experience, increase their buying potential, raise employee productivity, and save your shop thousands of dollars in legal fees. Spectrio’s music experts will help you choose playlists that fit the atmosphere of your store, and our dedicated voice talent can create overhead messages to help you promote sales and provide direction to customers and staff.


of retailers agree that in-store music influences shoppers’ moods and increases their sales.


of in-store customers report impulse shopping, vs. only 25% of online shoppers.

Music Sample
Overhead Messaging

On-Hold Marketing

85% of your customers who call prefer on-hold messages to silence. On-Hold marketing combines custom messaging and music that can increase call retention, promote specific services and drive revenue. Is your on-hold messaging program working as hard as it could be? Spectrio can create a professional custom program of licensed music and professionally produced messages for your business that follows your marketing plans for sales, seasonality, weather and more.


of callers hang up when they are left in silence while on hold.


of callers have made a purchasing decision after hearing on-hold messaging.

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On Hold Messaging

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