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Digital Content for a Better Customer Experience

Getting the right message to shoppers, visitors, or customers can be challenging. Messages get lost in all the distractions and fail to deliver important information to the intended audiences. Engaging digital content stands out, captures attention and clearly communicates messages that aren’t missed, ignored, or overlooked. That leads to more purchases, happier customers, and more productive employees.

Why you need digital signage

Increase ROI
Increase ROI Increase ROI by over 30% when using Digital Signage to capture customers' attention and promote products and services.
Engage Customers
Engage Customers Decrease perceived wait times and keep customers entertained and engaged while keeping your brand front and center.
Promote Products
Promote Products Up-sell and cross-sell products and services, engage customers with sales and promotions, and increase unplanned purchases.
Wayfinding Digital Wayfinding directs visitors to their destination, enhances guest experiences, and improves staff productivity.
Custom Content
Custom Content Customize content easily through location-based marketing, day-parting for demographics, holiday specials, or the weather, and more.

Waiting Room TV Programming

Live Cable Pass-Through
Live Cable Pass-Through Keep your brand front-and-center by using branded content frames that wrap around the programming options available in a standard cable subscription.
Private Label TV
Private Label TV Utilize Private Label TV to stream popular shows and entertainment clips while replacing competitors' ads with your own branded graphics and messages.
Info TV
Info TV Display custom graphics and videos to share informative, educational, and internal communications that are most important to your audience, brand and employees.

Digital Menu Boards

Menu Boards
Menu Boards Display menu items and service offerings on engaging screens that inform customers and allow for real-time updates and price changes.
Custom Layouts
Custom Layouts Menu Boards aren't just for restaurants and auto shops. Create a custom layout with different zones to show product pricing, sales promotions, notifications for both customers and staff, and more.

Wayfinding and Interactive Displays

Show Visitors Where to Go
Show Visitors Where to Go Help visitors find their way with interactive wayfinding tools that tell users how to reach their destination from their current location.
Interactive Displays
Interactive Displays Put audiences in charge of their experience by utilizing interactive screens that enable users to input information and control content.
Directories and Listings
Directories and Listings Condense complex listings and help audiences find what they are looking for by displaying searchable directories and indexes.

Real-Time Communication

Weather and social updates
Weather and social updates Include live feeds of real-time information with news ticker frames that pull data from social streams and weather outlets.
Library of Content
Library of Content Choose from hundreds of custom videos and creative content in the Spectrio library to keep customers entertained and informed.
Timely Alerts and Promotions
Timely Alerts and Promotions Keep your messages current with managed content--advertise your most relevant offers, promotions, and messages in real-time.

Custom Solutions


Improve aesthetics and share important messages by combining multiple screens to create a unique and engaging focal point in your location.


With so many uses and applications, digital signage is a flexible tool that can be customized to provide whatever your business needs to succeed.


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Create A Better Customer Experience

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