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Leverage your Wi-Fi to connect with customers.

What is Wi-Fi Marketing?

Wi-Fi Marketing is a component of location-based marketing (or location-based services), a tool that transforms your guest Wi-Fi into an engaging customer experience while boosting. Wi-Fi Marketing breaks the barriers of traditional guest Wi-Fi, connecting directly to the user’s cell phone with easy-to-use access points in and out of store, while offering you analytical data that directs your location-based marketing plan. With Wi-Fi Marketing, you can communicate with your customers in ways that are relevant to their immediate mindset vs. a static marketing messaging calendar. You can serve each customer the right message for what they are doing near, in or right after leaving your locations.

Leverage real time offers over Wi-Fi while customers are in your venue — 82% of smartphone users consult their phones on purchase decisions while shopping.

What We Offer

The hardware determines the capabilities. We offer two levels of services dependent on your desired hardware selection.

Standard Level

Our standard level hardware allows you to reach your customer base and analyze anonymous traffic within your store through:

  • Timely texts and emails to customers based on buying behavior both in-store and after they leave
  • Gated splash pages customized to your brand
  • Engagement through your venue’s social media platforms
  • On-the-spot offers to customers via text messaging while they’re in your location
  • Tracking anonymous dwell time and footfall within your store

Premium Level

With our premium level hardware you can take your analytics and marketing to the next level with:

  • Geo-fencing/zoning to send personalized offers via text or email to customers in-store
  • Redirects that bring your customers to tailored web pages based on demographics
  • Automated marketing based on dwell time, demographic data, and visit frequency
  • Real-time data exports through the dashboard portal
  • Beyond-your-store parameters to reach previous guests who are in the vicinity with special offers to encourage return visits

How does this work for your industry?

One of the most powerful tools businesses can use is its own analytics and customer data. With Wi-Fi, you can communicate with your guests/customers in more ways that are relevant to their immediate mindset vs. a static marketing messaging calendar. You can serve each customer the exact right message for what they are doing near, in or right after leaving your locations.


  • Use to service customers where THEY are in–store vs. making them find help
  • Suggest additional service options while customers are waiting
  • Reward repeat or first-time behaviors
  • Combine service messaging and upsell/cross-sell at peak moments of relevancy


  • Take customer service and care to a new level—as well as satisfaction levels
  • Help patients and caregivers find any and everything throughout your facility
  • Offer in-the-moment of need information in context of time of day/location in facility, check in, etc.


  • Pre-orders based on time to store
  • Push messaging when customers are near competitor locations
  • Push out notifications triggered by location, time of day or promotional periods

There are more than 9 billion Wi-Fi-enabled devices in use today. By 2020, that number will rise to 21 billion devices. People expect to stay connected at all times, your customers included. But, are you missing out on a chance to better connect with them?

Services and Support

We’re with you every step of the way with professional people and top-rated services. Working with your existing Wi-Fi signal and provider, we can turn your Wi-Fi signal into a powerhouse of marketing smarts as part of your location based services business plan.

Spectrio leverages your current Internet connection to get your Wi-Fi program launched.
Then your personal customer service rep will recommend what Wi-Fi programs are right for your business.
Spectrio technical teams ensure your system is able to handle the programs we recommend.
Our seasoned professional creative team writes content, develops landing pages, and creates the SMS messages and templates you need.
Enhanced analytics tells you everything you need to know about your program effectiveness, what to adjust and add for increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Get your Wi-Fi working on more than just providing a signal with Spectrio Wi-Fi Marketing Services

Campaign Management

Wi-Fi Marketing offers multiple features to market to customers and analyze their behavior to increase revenue for your store. With Spectrio Wi-Fi you can access detailed customer analytics, enabling you to engage with customers through highly targeted communications. Spectrio’s scalable, cloud-based solution, allows you to personalize relevant and real-time interactions with customers with Wi-Fi marketing, analytics and management.

With Spectrio Wi-Fi You Can

  • Provide WiFi Hotspots
  • Identify Store Traffic Patterns
  • Filter Network Content
  • Capture Customer Information
  • Send Real-Time SMS/Email Offers
  • PromoteText/Email Campaigns


Users routed through the Spectrio Wi-Fi solution comply with all legal requirements to be a public hotspot listed in the Digital Economy Bill. Spectrio provides ISO 27001 certification and a hosting infrastructure contained within Amazon’s Cloud Services, which are fully PCI-DSS and ISO 27001 compliant.

Spectrio Wi-Fi also offers a content filtering feature which ensures you are compliant with the IWF (Internet Watch Foundation) Watchlist. All URLs accessed through your venue Wi-Fi are checked against their list of blocked sites in real time, and if any page is on the list, the site is blocked, and the user is redirected to an explanatory splash page.