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Want to increase both customer satisfaction and revenue? Playing the proper music in your store could be the answer. It can alter mood, reduce stress, increase spontaneity, and most importantly establish an atmosphere. The right music is proven to keep customers in your store longer and inspires them to make more purchases. We make sure that experience is catered exactly to your desired customer experience. As your Overhead Music provider, we will help you create a custom radio station to play top recording artists and professionally voiced messages to your customers.

Professional, Licensed Playlists

Create your own radio station with endless choices of artists, genres, and songs to choose from. All of our music and messaging is licensed and professionally produced, to give you most the impact when marketing to your customers.

Drive Buying Behavior

The right music has been proven to drive customer buying behavior and enhance the customer experience. It can also reinforce your brand and put customers in the mood to buy. In fact, 70% of retailers say that overhead music increases sales.

Location-Based Marketing

Utilize dayparting to play the music your customers want to hear, when they want to hear it. Not every customer will respond to the same music, so we make it easy to separate your playlists based on demographic, time of day, holidays and more.

PCI Compliant Players

We use PCI compliant content updates that don’t take up bandwidth. Our player checks for updates every 15 minutes, loads any new content, and then plays that content locally until the next update.

Turnkey Installation

Quality is important to us, so we send only the best professionals to ensure you have the exact technology you need for them to seamlessly deliver and install your music and messaging. White glove service, guaranteed.

Easy Updates

You will have a personalized Radio Internet Database that you can log into to manage your music and messaging. Our tools allow you to customize your station or air messages at specific times to maximize revenue…all with a few clicks!

Get started with your overhead music playlist


We give you the freedom to pick and choose the music you play (or don’t play!), down to specific songs. Drag and drop your desired stations to customize your own store mix. Adjust the style of music based on the time of day. Know the afterschool crowd is big into the top-40? Set your station to play all the hits from 3pm to 5pm! Know your morning rush appreciates a more relaxed atmosphere? Set your playlist to deliver coffee-shop style acoustic to ease them into the day. The goal is to keep your customers and staff entertained and happy. If they enjoy the music, they’ll enjoy their shopping experience more, stay longer and spend more money.

Top of the Charts | Cutting Edge Artists of Today

Everything from today’s hits to classic selections from past decades, both quickly recognizable selections, and upbeat tunes from other artists.

The Lounge | Smooth Jazz & Instrumental

Instrumental favorites, both familiar and new, teamed with smooth jazz.

Rock Radio | Classic & Southern Rock

Southern rock classics and classic rock hits.

Acoustic Elegance | Classic Music from the Masters & Beyond

Favorite classical artists and selections from every era, including standards, moving ballads and sounds of today.

All American | Classic & Modern Country

Favorite artists and selections from Classic and Modern Country music.

Metro Pop Club | Sophisticated & Modern

Electronica with a modern beat.

Spa & Relaxation | Soothing Sessions

Relaxing selections that lend to a stress-reduced environment.

Contemporary Mix | Invigorating & Motivational

Upbeat tracks with a modern beat.

Today's Adult Hits | Hits from Yesterday & Today

Favorite artists and selections from every era, including standards, moving ballads and new sounds from Grammy winners of today.

R&B Mix | R&B Hits

R & B hits from the 80’s, 90’s and today.


We only provide you with licensed music. Why is this important? United States Copyright Law requires business owners playing music in their businesses to pay royalties to the copyright owners of that music. Think that playing something from the radio or on your iPod is the way to go? Think again. Playing music without proper licensing or a thought-out strategy leaves you open to stiff licensing fines, competitors’ ads being aired, or playing music that could drive your customer base out of your store. It’s not worth the risk, which is why using our services guarantees you are within the legal bounds of copyright law.


Integrate Overhead Messaging to your Overhead Music and influence your client’s buying decisions, advertise new services, promote add-ons and more. You can insert custom commercials into your playlists to play whenever you want. We help you create these messages with our creative team, providing service for you every step of the way with creative copywriters, professional voice talent, and personal customer service reps.


Create interest and drive traffic to specific departments.



Share sales opportunities or advertising promotions.


Customer Feedback

Call Customers to action and receive feedback

Product Spotlight

Big Events

Announce holiday events.

Big Events

Whatever the business, no matter the setting, Spectrio can provide the perfect music to compliment your brand.

For international locations, please contact Spectrio for assistance with music selections, as playlists may vary.

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