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The full package of in-store and sensory marketing services is now at your disposal, from needs assessment all the way to content creation and management.

Welcome to the Spectrio family–we are pleased to announce that Spectrio has joined with Voice Solutions to bring you a more comprehensive in-store marketing solution to create the store of tomorrow, right now. Spectrio helps companies like yours create memorable ‘surprise-and-delight’ customer experiences – powered by content and technology. We’re excited to partner with you so we can provide even more opportunities to help your business grow.

Spectrio Acquires Voice Solutions

Spectrio’s current clients receive turnkey equipment, installation, programming, and creative content development as well as the ability to customize timing, format, and marketing messages to help drive customer behavior. With the merger, Voice Solutions clients will benefit from the use of Spectrio’s proprietary in-store marketing technologies as well as the added efficiency of having in-house production and technical support staff. You will still have access to the products you’ve enjoyed from Voice Solutions such as IP voice solutions and phone systems, sound masking, sound solutions marketing, scent marketing, in-store music solutions, digital voice solutions, and more. You’ll also receive the same quality service and reliable personal attention that is a cornerstone for both Spectrio and Voice Solutions.

If you have any questions for how this will affect your account, billing, etc. please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Licensed Spa Music Samples

We believe the spa environment is a haven, where bodies are put at ease and a peaceful state of mind can be achieved. That’s why our team of licensed spa music specialists have independently curated a diverse selection of extensive licensed spa playlists; each with a specific spa environment in mind.

Ambient Relaxation Music
At Peace® Spa World - World Music for Relaxation
At Peace® Whispers
At Peace® Spa Ultra - Soothing Relaxation Melodies
At Peace® Piano Moods
At Peace® Nature Garden - Tranquil Blend of Music and Nature
At Peace® Native Winds
At Peace® Spa Medley - Complete Relaxation
At Peace® The Chris Ho Project

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