In-Branch Marketing Technologies for Banks, Credit Unions, and Financial Institutions

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Increase Customer Engagement for Finance

Most people know what they want when they come to a bank or credit union. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start marketing to them now for their financial needs in the future. With In-Branch solutions from Spectrio, you can engage and educate every member that comes through your doors. Whether you’re talking about mortgage options, small business loans, or credit cards, make sure you’re marketing to the people who already trust you with their money.


Digital Signage

Spectrio offers a turn-key, easy to use, comprehensive solution for all of your financial institution’s digital signage needs. We provide you with the required hardware, custom creative content, dedicated customer service, and free updates, making implementing new signage systems a breeze. As a proven leader in bank and credit union digital signage, Spectrio will help you choose the type of displays that best fit your business objectives. In addition, our creative team will work with you to create customized content to advertise your branch’s services and special offers.

Digital Wait Boards

Give your members a branded entertainment solution in your lobby. Choose from over 1,500 financial advertisements templates which you can customize with your own text, colors, images, logos, and disclosures. Our Content Vault boasts banking specific product advertisements, announcement templates, employee/customer recognition, holiday videos, and more. Wait times will feel shorter while delivering valuable messaging about your financial institution.

Digital Rateboards

Your offers and services can change constantly, so your signage should, too. Spectrio’s eye-catching rateboards are easy to update with current loan, mortgage, and credit card rates, while also advertising for advertisements for e-services such as apps and advanced online banking, and other core products that your guests will benefit from.


Financial Content Library

Never struggle with creating content for your financial institution. Tap into Spectrio’s extensive library of financial content to fill your playlists and educate your members. Choose from hundreds of animated videos and images that feature dynamic content for social media, stocks, weather, local traffic, interviews, trivia, holiday greetings, and more.


WiFi Marketing

WiFi Marketing leverages your existing WiFi to not only provide complimentary Internet access to the people in your branch, but also allows you to gather vital data about your audience and target them with real-time marketing. WiFi Marketing provides a unique in-branch opportunity to drive the behavior of an individual in your bank, credit union or financial institution. By capturing your members’ information via your WiFi, you gain the ability to drive users towards a particular splash page, branded for your branch with your most relevant information. Plus, send timely text messages or emails to customers whether they’re in your branch or after they leave.


of loyalty program members want communications from the programs they participate in.


of SMBs report that more than half of their revenue comes from repeat customers, rather than new business.

Wifi Marketing

On-Hold Messaging

On-Hold Messaging systems keep callers on the phone and on their way to becoming valuable members of your financial institution. Spectrio’s on-hold experts will help you develop messaging that promotes special offers and informs callers on your hours, location, special offers and more. If your branch is overwhelmed with phone calls and voice messages, consider how a well-thought out on-hold messaging strategy can reduce the burden on your staff while driving revenue.


of callers hang up when they are left in silence while on hold.


of callers have made a service decision after hearing hold messaging.

On Hold Messaging

Power Promotions With Overhead Messaging

The right music will enhance your members’ experience, drive valuable behaviors, raise employee productivity, and save your branch thousands of dollars in legal fees stemming from improper licensing. Spectrio’s music experts will help you choose playlists that fit the atmosphere of your bank, credit union or financial institution, and our dedicated voice talent can create overhead messages to help you promote sales and provide direction to customers and staff.


of consumers have been influenced by a location’s atmosphere.


reduction in stress levels can be achieved by music with an upbeat rhythm.

Overhead Messaging

Obviously the quality of the products was of paramount importance to us but we also wanted to work with a company that was in-tune with new technologies and constantly improving

Ben Wathen SVP Retail Banking, Citizens Union Bank

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