Customer Engagement Solutions for Finance

Intelligent marketing solutions specially designed to meet the unique needs of banks, credit unions, and financial institutions.

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Increase Customer Engagement for Finance

Keeping customers and employees alike informed and engaged during their interactions with your financial institution can be a tricky task. Luckily, Spectrio’s comprehensive suite of customer engagement solutions can help deliver the right blend of messaging and brand elements to your clients.

Spectrio's Solutions for Your Financial Institution

Most customers who enter a bank or credit union are already well aware of what services they want and need. Our solutions can help your business inform them about future problems or questions your financial organization can solve for them. Easily educate your customers about mortgage options, small business loans, credit cards, and more with our entertaining mix of marketing strategies.


Digital Signage Designed For Finance

As a proven leader in bank and credit union digital signage, Spectrio will help you choose the type of displays that best fit your business objectives. Spectrio’s turn-key, easy-to-use, and comprehensive solutions have been specially designed to meet the marketing needs of your financial institution. We provide you with all of the elements you need for success, including hardware, custom creative content, dedicated customer support, and free updates. Our creative team will work hand in hand with your business to craft customized content to best advertise your branch’s services and special offers.

Digital Wait Boards

Give your members a branded entertainment solution in your lobby. Choose from over 1,500 financial advertisements templates which you can customize with your own text, colors, images, logos, and disclosures. Wait times will feel shorter while delivering valuable messaging about your financial institution.

Content Library

Our Content Vault boasts bank-specific product advertisements, announcement templates, employee and customer recognition, holiday videos, and more. Easily implement these templates into your display rotation to keep your visuals fresh and attention-grabbing.

Digital Rateboards

Your offers and services can change constantly, so your signage should too. Spectrio’s eye-catching rate boards are easy to update with current loan, mortgage, and credit card rates. They can also be leveraged to advertise for e-services such as apps, advanced online banking, and other core products your guests may be interested in.

Corporate Messaging

A consistent brand voice is key for making a good impression on your customers. Spectrio’s solution enables you to keep all of your screens cohesive with corporate branding across all of your branches.

Video Walls

Make an impactful experience for your customers with large-scale digital signage. Showcase your brand, capabilities, and more with screens they won’t want to look away from.

Social Media

Share what clients love about your brand with live social media feeds, sharing positive reviews and recent news curated by your business’s online presence.


The Spectrio Advantage for Finance

Customers who are aware of all of your available services and programs are more likely to think favorably about your financial organization. Ensure their positive impression of your business starts from day one, by deploying efforts like:

  • Share important corporate messaging and branding across all of your screens at the click of a button.
  • Improve your customer experience by showcasing updated rates, current service offerings, and top-performing promotions via our engaging signage.
  • Gather customer data that will better inform future marketing efforts, ensuring your visitors are directed to the content they're actually interested in.

Power Promotions With Overhead Messaging

Spectrio’s music and messaging experts will help your business create and choose playlists that fit the atmosphere of your bank, credit union, or financial institution. The right music will not only enhance your customers’ visits but also boost employee morale and productivity. Better still is our large library of vocal talent, ensuring that your message is presented in a way that matches your business’s personality and customer perception.


of consumers have been influenced by a location’s atmosphere.


reduction in stress levels can be achieved by music with an upbeat rhythm.

Overhead Messaging

Obviously the quality of the products was of paramount importance to us but we also wanted to work with a company that was in-tune with new technologies and constantly improving

Ben Wathen SVP Retail Banking, Citizens Union Bank

Inform Curious Callers With On-Hold Messaging

On-Hold Messaging systems keep curious callers on the phone and on their way to becoming valuable members of your financial institution. Our On-Hold specialists will help you develop messaging that promotes special offers and informs callers about your hours, location, available services, and more. Reduce stress on your staff by having a well-thought-out on-hold messaging strategy in place, making managing calls and voice messages simple.


of callers hang up when they are left in silence while on hold.


of callers have made a service decision after hearing hold messaging.

On Hold Messaging

Understand Your Guests' Financial Questions With WiFi Marketing

Gather vital data about your audience with our WiFi Marketing solution. Working in tandem with your existing WiFi network, our WiFi Marketing allows you to maximize the impact of your real-time, targeted marketing. It provides a unique, in-branch opportunity to drive the behavior of your customers while they’re at your location. Point users towards the most relevant content based on their interests, whether that’s related to financing options, credit card usage, or any other service your institution provides. You’ll also be able to easily send text messages or emails to your customers during their visit and after they’ve left your location.


of loyalty program members want communications from the programs they participate in.


of SMBs report that more than half of their revenue comes from repeat customers, rather than new business.

Wifi Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

How can bank digital signage enhance the customer experience in my financial institution?

Revolutionize your customer experience with digital signage for banks and credit unions by offering:

  • Real-time info: Help customers stay informed and make sounder financial decisions by displaying real-time information such as exchange rates, interest rates, and stock market updates.
  • Promotions on display: Showcase your latest products, services, and promotional offers. Customers can effortlessly view the offerings and take advantage of discounts or special deals.
  • Better queue management: Reduce the frustration that comes along with long queues, especially during peak hours. Digital signage can display queue numbers and estimated wait times, keeping customers informed about their position in line.
  • Seamless navigation: Provide wayfinding assistance within your premises so customers can quickly locate different areas, such as ATMs, teller counters, and self-service kiosks, through clear visual directions.
  • Interactive features: Offer convenient self-service options while reducing wait times. Customers can use touchscreen displays to access account information, request additional services, or even complete simple transactions without waiting in line.
  • Personalized touch: Tailor your digital signage messaging to each customer by displaying personalized greetings, relevant product recommendations, or reminders about upcoming events or appointments.
  • Financial education: Use digital signage to educate customers about financial literacy, banking products, and security tips. Displaying engaging content, such as videos or infographics, can enhance customers' knowledge and understanding of banking concepts while also reducing perceived wait times.
What types of digital signage content can I display in my financial institution?

Your financial institution can display a variety of content on digital signage to engage and inform your customers, including but not limited to:

  • Promotions and offers: Garner attention toward current products, services, and promotional offers to encourage customers to take advantage of special deals.
  • News and updates: Share news headlines, financial news, and market insights to provide customers with valuable information about current events and trends.
  • Customer testimonials: Feature testimonials from satisfied customers to build trust and showcase positive experiences with your products and services.
  • Financial calculators: Offer interactive financial calculators that help customers estimate loan payments, savings goals, or investment returns, providing them with useful tools to plan their finances.
  • Safety and security reminders: Provide security tips, fraud alerts, and reminders about best practices for protecting personal and financial information to educate customers and enhance their security awareness.
How does digital signage fit into my bank marketing strategy?

Today, digital signage is an integral part of any bank's marketing strategy, serving as a dynamic, impactful communication channel with a host of benefits.

But just like most marketing tactics, you'll want to leverage digital signage for banks alongside other channels (like paid search ads, performance TV ads, social media, etc.) to reap the best results.

By using digital signage as an in-house marketing tool and outside channels to target a broader audience, your bank can reach new customers while keeping existing ones close.

How can banking digital signage be used to promote my products and services?

Digital signage for banks can showcase your full suite of products and services by:

  • Demonstrating benefits: Use animations, infographics, or videos to illustrate the unique features and advantages of your offerings.
  • Cross-selling and upselling: Promote complementary products or services alongside customers' interests, suggesting related options and bundles.
  • Leveraging limited-time offers: Create a sense of urgency by displaying time-limited promotions, using countdown timers, or showing dynamic visuals.
  • Offering interactive exploration: Utilize touchscreens or interactive features to allow customers to explore products or services in more detail, including digital menu boards, virtual tours, or calculators.
What are some examples of successful implementations of bank digital signage?

Across the globe, numerous banks and financial institutions have embraced digital signage as a customer engagement solution, with just a few including:

  • JPMorgan Chase: JPMorgan Chase, one of the largest banks in the United States, has implemented digital signage across its branches to enhance customer experiences and deliver relevant information.
  • HSBC: HSBC, a global banking and financial services institution, uses digital screens to provide real-time financial information, promote products and services, and offer interactive features to engage its customers.
  • Citibank: Citibank, a prominent multinational banking and financial services corporation, utilizes digital screens to display personalized messages, provide product information, and deliver targeted promotions to customers.
  • Washington State Employee Credit Union: WSECU, a not-for-profit financial cooperative, leverages digital signage to raise awareness of its offerings, increase customer engagement, and reap cost savings on branch marketing materials.

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