Automotive Customer Engagement

Make your auto repair shop or dealership a pleasant destination for customers with our comprehensive suite of solutions.

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Increase Customer Awareness

Spectrio is here to help your business engage and entertain customers, no matter if you’re an auto repair shop or a car dealership. Our extensive suite of solutions will drive traffic to all of your customer engagement efforts, from your showroom, your phone system, and more.

Promote Products

Up-sell and cross-sell products and services, engage customers with sales and promotions, and increase unplanned purchases.

Engage Customers

People perceive a shorter wait time when they hear music they like.

Increase ROI

Drive revenue and help you cross-sell high-margin products and services.


Go Full Throttle with Our Digital Signage

Digital signage is often the first thing customers notice when they enter a business. Spectrio ensures yours is eye-catching, informative, and educational from day one. Engaged and educated customers feel empowered to make smart decisions about their automotive needs, boosting products and services sold. Our digital signage allows your business to start teaching customers from the minute they enter your location to the moment they walk out the door.

Spectrio is a proven leader in the automotive industry. We offer a turn-key, comprehensive solution for any and all of your digital signage needs. From display selection to content creation, we’re here to help you find the right mix of visuals that best fits your business objectives.

Wait Boards and Customer Lounge Television

Keep your customers entertained while they wait with private label TV from Spectrio. Our solution ensures there’s no risk of a competitor’s messaging or commercials distracting your customers. We’ll wrap your content in branded frames and pepper in promotional or educational content with pre-screened programming from major networks.

Digital Menu Boards

Make finding prices, service offerings, and promotions a breeze with our eye-catching menu boards. Positioned throughout your business and at the point of sale, these screens allow for real-time updates and price changes.

Showroom Television

Maximize first impressions with potential customers entering your dealership with customized content for your showroom televisions. Provide them with the information they need to see the value in your brand, whether it’s the latest award you’ve won or your current promotional and financing offers.

Interactive Displays

Interactive displays give your customers a hands-on experience while they choose new tires, browse available models, and more. This allows them to control their content viewing experience all while learning more about the value your business, products, or services can provide them.

On-Demand Auto Repair Content

Our Vehicle On-Demand service enables your employees to stream educational videos on both tablets and televisions for curious customers. These videos rely on 3D models and simple language to explain the benefits of common auto repair procedures, ranging from oil changes to engine repair.


The Power of Spectrio

Spectrio leverages its years of experience in the automotive industry to help your business connect with customers both on-premise and online. The benefits of relying on our suite of solutions include:

  • Improving your buying experience by showcasing prices, service offerings, and promotions on our customizable, engaging menu boards.
  • Easy collection of valuable customer data and information with Spectrio’s simple, automated campaigns.
  • Enhancing your customers’ on-premise experience, increasing buying potential, and raising employee productivity with our mix of music and messaging.
  • Increased up-selling, cross-selling, and unplanned purchases, as our software delivers your important messaging to customers at just the right moment.

Drive Promotions With Overhead Messaging

Overhead Music and Messaging have the power to influence shopper behavior and drive sales of key products and repair services. The right combination of music and messaging will make your customers’ shopping experience a pleasant one, increasing their buying potential and overall impression of your business. Spectrio’s team of sound experts will work with you to develop playlists that fit the mood and atmosphere of your location. Choose from a variety of voice talent who can record custom messaging to help promote sales, provide direction to customers and staff, and enhance the perception of your business’s brand.

Spectrio’s fully-licensed playlists will prevent your repair shop or dealership from getting slapped with costly fines and fees. We’ll work with you to ensure that the music you choose is the right fit, no matter the genre or tempo.


of retailers agree that overhead music influences shoppers’ moods and increases their sales.


of on-premise customers report impulse shopping, vs. only 25% of online shoppers.

Overhead Messaging

Rev Up Your On-Hold Marketing

Is your on-hold messaging program working as hard as it could be? Spectrio is here to create a professionally customized program of licensed music and branded messages for your business that will inform callers about available products, services, technicians, and more. The right combination of messaging and music can increase call retention, promote specific vehicles or services, and most importantly: drive revenue. Let us help you engage with your customers by answering their most pressing questions, whether that’s about store hours, seasonal specials, or weather-related concerns.


of callers hang up when they are left in silence while on hold.


of callers have made a purchasing decision after hearing hold messaging

AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY: Feat. Voice Talent Molly D. & Music CY02
TIRE: Feat. Voice Talent Cyndy D. & Music MC14
On Hold Messaging

Strengthen Customer Connections with WiFi Marketing

Leveraging customer insight and data can drastically improve your shop or dealership’s marketing efforts. That’s where our WifI Marketing solution comes in, by effortlessly melding with your location’s existing network to collect relevant customer data and transform it into the backbone of various marketing campaigns. With our system, you can automatically schedule emails for when customers are due for their next appointment or inspection. Or send a text reminder when they’re due for another oil change. Whatever reminders, promotions, or updates your business has, Spectrio’s WiFi Marketing is here to get the message to your valued customers.


of businesses that are using mobile marketing report a rise in new customers.


of shoppers use their mobile device while shopping at a business.

Wifi Marketing

Make a Lasting Impression With Scent Marketing

Our sense of smell is hardwired into our memories and emotions. Utilizing Scent Marketing is a cutting-edge way for dealerships and auto repair shops to enhance their customers’ on-premise experience. Not only does ambient scent help reduce perceived wait time and boost your business’s bottom line, but it also ensures that patients aren’t sent running by unsavory smells commonly associated with car repair.

Spectrio has created hundreds of unique scents, each with a mood, impression, or effect in mind. Our Scent Marketing experts will work with your business to find the best scent for your waiting room or showroom.

Our scents are hypo-allergenic, oil-based, and compliant with safety and regulation standards in both the US and the EU. We’ll also provide your dealership with the best diffuser system on the market, ensuring that the scent of your choosing immerses your customers in the journey you’ve carefully crafted for them.


of people are more likely to purchase a product with the presence of scent

Scent Marketing
Scent Marketing
Scent Marketing
Scent Marketing
Scent Marketing
Scent Marketing
Scent Marketing
Scent Marketing
Scent Marketing

This keeps customers in our show room excited about our products. Adding Spectrio's Digital Signage allowed us to improve our dealership experience.

Brian Robinson Director, Extreme Dodge Chrysler Jeep

Educating our customers about our services and products before we ever talk to them about what their car needs is tremendously helpful for our sales process

Tim Gardner GM of Edwards Lubrication

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