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Increase Customer Engagement for Healthcare

Whether you manage a large hospital, a small dental practice, or even a senior living community, Spectrio’s healthcare solutions have 30 years of proven experience to help you create positive, memorable, and informative patient and resident experiences.

Healthcare Digital Signage

Digital signage in your office, hospital or senior living community can engage and educate your patients, help you stand out from your competitors, increase retention, and create happier patients. Spectrio offers fully-managed and self-managed services that can fit any of your digital signage needs. As a proven leader in the healthcare and senior living industries, Spectrio will help you choose the type of displays and content that best fit your objectives. And, our creative team will work with you to create customized content to engage and educate your patients.

Wait Boards

Reduce perceived patient wait times and educate visitors on health topics, events and services. All content goes through an approval process and is clinically validated.

Digital Wayfinding

Direct visitors throughout your hospital, facility or nursing home and increase staff productivity with digital wayfinding systems custom-designed for healthcare. Users can download maps to their phone and find exactly where they need to go easily.

Interactive Displays

Put audiences in charge of their experience by utilizing interactive screens that allow patients or residents to control their content viewing experience.

Motions Ads

Share what’s most important to your practice with agency-level creative. Inform your patients about seasonal reminders, new procedures, or pertinent information about your facility.

Content Library

Access to Vetted Healthcare Content

Never struggle with creating content on your own. Tap into Spectrio’s extensive library of healthcare content to fill your playlists and educate your patients. Choose from hundreds of animated videos and images that feature 3D animation, interviews, trivia, holiday greetings, seasonal topics, and more.


On-Hold Marketing

3 in 4 patients use the phone as the primary method to set up medical appointments. Make sure your on-hold messaging helps callers feel cared for and acknowledged from the second they contact your facility.

On-Hold Marketing combines custom messaging and music that can answer frequently-asked questions, promote new providers and services, and lay the groundwork for a positive patient experience. Spectrio can create professional custom messages for your business that provide a unified brand experience as well as account for variabilities in locations such as hours and services.


of callers hang up when they are left in silence while on hold.


of callers have made a service decision after hearing hold messaging.

HOSPITAL: Feat. Voice Talent Denise K. & Music RK06
DENTISTRY: Feat. Voice Talent Joe W. & Music LC11

WiFi Marketing

Imagine knowing your patients’ behaviors, wants and needs inform your communications. If used to the fullest, WiFi Marketing is a cost-effective engagement source with a high ROI. Turn your current WiFi network into a high impact marketing tool that drives patient behavior. With Spectrio’s scalable, cloud-based solution, you can personalize relevant, real-time interactions with patients using WiFi marketing, analytics and management.

*Since Spectrio is only collecting data on the individuals that give us the information by agreement, and that data is not pertaining to their health information, all communications are HIPAA compliant.


Overhead Music and Sound Masking

Overhead Music has the power to influence patient behavior and promote your services, while increasing staff productivity. Clinical trials with music show it reduces pain, depression, and disability. Just 20 minutes of listening to the right music can lower heart rate, blood pressure, and anxiety. Spectrio can create an appropriate playlist from hundreds of music selections that have been fully-licensed to protect you from infringement issues.

Sound Masking, often referred to as white noise, is an affordable acoustic technology which reduces noise distractions to create more private and comfortable environments, and can help you with HIPAA compliance. An affordable alternative to expensive construction projects or sound blocking materials, sound masking is easily introduced into new and existing offices both large and small.

Sound masking is hardly noticeable, in fact, most people describe the sound as being similar to airflow. Our system works by introducing a low-level, unobtrusive background sound into your space. The sound is tuned to the frequency and amplitude of human speech, ultimately rendering speech unintelligible while simultaneously reducing noise distractions.

Clinical trials with music show it reduces pain, depression, and disability.

Just 20 minutes of listening to music can lower heart rate, blood pressure, and anxiety.

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