Customer Engagement for Your Real Estate Business

Both veteran and rookie real estate shoppers can be easily overwhelmed. With our comprehensive suite of customer engagement solutions, your customers will fully understand your brand without suffering from information overload.

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Boost Customer Engagement With Our Solutions

No matter if your business is selling commercial or residential real estate, keeping your customers engaged with your branding and messaging is key. Spectrio’s solutions have been strategically crafted to ensure that your real estate business is reaching its full potential.

From eye-catching screens advertising your top communities or custom on-hold messaging that addresses commercial renting concerns, we’ve got a solution that will work for you–and for your customers.


Digital Signage That Improves the Real Estate Experience

Our signage works with your business to keep your audience engaged and informed. Make sure all residents and visitors are aware of maintenance availability, lobby hours, special events, and more, with our brandable, customizable screens.

No matter if you have 20 residents or 2000, our digital signage can scale to meet the needs of your real estate business.

Digital Directory

Easily create a directory with rooms and floors for your tenants to help visitors find their way. Changes are automatically updated on your displays, and you can customize the layout, color themes, and background images to match your design.

Feature Boards

Highlight new listings, excellent brokers, and new trends in the marketplace with one of our feature boards.

Graphics and Video

Upload unlimited HD images, videos, and PowerPoint slides to your displays. Promote upcoming events, inform visitors about attractions in the neighborhood, and share photos or videos of the space. You can also run ads from tenants on your screens for monetization.

RSS News Feeds

Keep visitors and tenants informed with news headlines and photos from any major outlet in business, international, sports, tech, humor, or finance. For a personal touch, you can also display recent posts from your own blog.

Google Calendar

Create upcoming events in Google Calendar to show them on your displays for event schedules, conferences, and more. Customize your screens with Single Calendar and Overview Modes, and add your own color themes.

Simple Sign

Create and share announcements on your screens in seconds. Type your message (with emojis!), select a background color theme and font, and play the announcement on your screens. Schedule signs ahead of time to display on certain days or times.


Spectrio Benefits for Real Estate

Our solutions have all the features your real estate business needs to have happy, engaged tenants. These include must-haves like:

  • The ability to create and display directories and event calendars for your space.
  • Grabbing the attention of your tenants and customers with streaming social media walls.
  • Helping to generate revenue by selling advertising space to tenants or nearby businesses.
  • Easily manageable displays across multiple locations with our web dashboard.

Overhead Music and Messaging

Your tenants likely spend a large part of their day at your properties. Whether that’s in a commercial or residential sense, Spectrio will work with your business to ensure they’re hearing music and messaging that fits the atmosphere of your locations. Choose from hundreds of fully licensed, turnkey playlists for the best fit for your business.

Need to include important overhead messaging regarding upcoming events, resident gatherings, or changes to scheduled maintenance? Spectrio’s large library of voice talent also enables your business to choose the right voice talent that can deliver your branded messaging to your clients while not interrupting or disturbing residents during their day-to-day activities.

Overhead Messaging

On-Hold Marketing

Easily handle any tenant, resident, or potential client FAQs with Spectrio’s on-hold marketing solution. Our blend of on-brand music and messaging will provide them with the vital information they need, all while keeping them engaged during their wait time.

Our on-hold marketing team will help your business pair brand-appropriate messaging with the right voice talent that best matches the personality of your real estate business.

On Hold Messaging

We were looking for a digital directory board for our PacMutual property which houses a number of tech, retail, fashion and traditional businesses. After hearing about Spectrio and their success in retail stores, we reached out to their team of highly creative professionals and engineers.

Christopher Rising President & COO, RRP

We mostly use Spectrio for directory display for our executive office space. We have 2 locations and currently use at our largest location with 44 private offices with 44 different business owners.

Chiko Abengowe CEO, Perfect Office Solutions

WiFI Marketing

Tenants, visitors, and residents expect an efficient and stable WiFi network for them to connect to while they're on your property. Transform that network into a valuable marketing tool with our WiFi Marketing solution. Spectrio's WiFI Marketing collects informative customer data and turns it into digestible information to enhance your remarketing efforts.

With this information, you can easily redirect users to branded splash pages that best line up with their respective interests.

Wifi Marketing

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