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A complete customer engagement solution designed to captivate QSR customers throughout their visit to your business.

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Increase Customer Engagement for Your QSR

Convincing customers to make multi-product purchases is easier than you think. Our complete customer engagement solution works as a cohesive unit to drive sales, increase AUV, and boosting ticket size.


Digital Signage

Digital signage in your QSR can entertain guests, help you stand out from your competitors, increase overall retention, and create happier customers. Spectrio offers a comprehensive solution for all of your digital signage needs. As a proven leader in the QSR industry, Spectrio will help you choose the right types of displays and content that best fits your objectives. Our in-house creative team will work alongside you to craft customized content that advertises your best ticket items and specials to your valued customers.

Digital Menu Boards

Display menu items and service offerings on dynamic digital menu boards that inform customers and allow for real-time updates and price changes.

Custom Layout

Our menu boards are easily customizable so you can promote your products in a way that best fits your brand. Large, eye-catching imagery and videos keep customers’ attention and promote special menu items.


Browse Our Content Library for Hundreds of QSR Videos

Spectrio’s extensive content library means your organization never needs to struggle with creating content. Use us as your resource to stock your playlist with QSR and menu board content. Choose from hundreds of animated videos and images, featuring 3D animation, interviews, trivia, holiday greetings, seasonal topics, and more.


Overhead Music and Messaging

Overhead Music has the power to influence guest behavior and drive sales for your business. Relying on the radio or an employee’s iPhone for music is risky for multiple reasons. Playing unlicensed music can rack up thousands of dollars in fees for your business. Plus, there’s no guarantee that competitor messaging won’t find its way into your store. Spectrio’s music experts will help you choose playlists that fit the atmosphere of your location. Our veteran voice talent can create overhead messages to help promote menu items and provide direction to staff and customers alike. The right music enhances your customers’ experience, increases their buying potential, and raises employee productivity.


of retailers agree that overhead music influences shoppers’ moods and increases their sales.


of on-premise customers report impulse shopping, vs. only 25% of online shoppers.

Overhead Messaging

On-Hold Marketing

On-Hold Marketing combines custom messaging and music that can increase call retention, promote specific items, and drives revenue. In fact, 85% of customers who call with questions prefer on-hold messages to silence. Spectrio is here to make sure your on-hold messaging is both engaging and informative. We can create a professional, customized program of licensed music and professionally produced messages for your business. Inform callers about store hours, seasonal deals, weather-related changes, and more.


of callers hang up when they are left in silence while on hold.


of callers have made a purchasing decision after hearing hold messaging

On Hold Messaging

WiFi Marketing

Imagine being able to leverage your customers’ behaviors, wants, and needs to inform your communications, both on-premise and online. If used to the fullest, Spectrio’s WiFi Marketing can enable your store to do just that. We can turn your current WiFi network into a high-impact marketing tool that influences and is influenced by buyer behavior. Our scalable, cloud-based solution enables you to personalize relevant, real-time interactions via content, analytics, and messaging.


of businesses that are using mobile marketing report a rise in new customers.


of customers use their mobile device while eating out.

Wifi Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using digital signage for events?

Whether you’re hosting an automotive convention or you’re a higher ed institution on orientation day, engaging digital signage can help take your event to the next level.

Some of the benefits of using digital signage software for events include:

  • Increased visibility
  • Improved engagement
  • Greater flexibility (dynamic digital signage is easier to edit than traditional signage)
  • More efficient communication
  • Improved branding
How can event digital signage improve the attendee experience?

Digital signage displays help to keep your attendees constantly informed about what’s happening at your event.

Change in presentation time? No need to worry — dynamic digital signage can be updated in minutes.

Interactive digital signage kiosks also promote attendee engagement by showcasing videos, images, social media posts, and other content. This content engagement also helps to improve your branding and create a positive impression on event attendees.

What types of content can be displayed on digital signage for events?

Digital signage for events can display a variety of content to enhance the attendee experience and provide valuable information. Here are some types of content that can be displayed on digital signage for events:

  1. Event schedules: Display the agenda, session timings, and speaker information to help attendees stay informed about the event's schedule.
  2. Event announcements: Highlight important announcements such as upcoming sessions, special events, or changes in the program to keep attendees updated.
  3. Directions and wayfinding: Provide interactive maps or directional signage to guide attendees to different event venues, rooms, exhibitor booths, or facilities within the event space.
  4. Sponsor advertisements: Showcase advertisements and promotions from event sponsors to increase visibility and generate awareness for their brands or products.
  5. Social media feeds: Display live social media feeds featuring event-related hashtags, posts, and user-generated content to encourage attendee engagement and interaction.
  6. Live event streaming: Stream live video feeds or recorded sessions on digital signage screens, allowing attendees to catch sessions they may have missed or watch important moments in real-time.
  7. Speaker profiles: Showcase speaker bios, headshots, and session details to help attendees learn more about the speakers and their expertise.
  8. Event news and updates: Display news updates, event highlights, or featured content to provide attendees with valuable information and keep them engaged throughout the event.
  9. Surveys and feedback: Use interactive digital signage to gather feedback from attendees through surveys or polls, allowing them to share their opinions and insights.
  10. Emergency announcements: In case of emergencies or important announcements, digital signage can be utilized to communicate vital information and ensure attendee safety.
How can event organizers use digital signage to promote sponsorships and brand partnerships?

Event organizers can utilize digital signage to promote sponsorships and brand partnerships in various ways, including:

  • Displaying sponsor logos, names, and branding on dedicated screens, rotating slides, or dynamic animations
  • Incorporating sponsored content such as videos, testimonials, or product showcases to further engage attendees
  • Using interactive displays, social media integration, and personalized data-driven content to provide opportunities for attendee interaction and targeted messaging
  • Showcasing post-event analytics to provide sponsors with meaningful data to evaluate the success of their brand partnerships
What are some examples of successful implementations of event digital signage?

When digital signage technology is correctly implemented, it can bring your event experience from good to great. Digital signage provider Spectrio has helped countless clients elevate their event experience.

A few examples of our clients’ event digital signage success include:

How does event digital signage fit into an overall event marketing strategy?

Event digital signage plays a vital role in event marketing strategies. It enhances brand visibility, delivers important information, and engages attendees. By showcasing branding, sponsorships, and targeted messaging, digital signage maximizes brand exposure. It also collects data for analysis and ensures a seamless event experience. Overall, it is a valuable tool that contributes to the success of events and aligns with marketing objectives.

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