Dental Customer Enagement Solutions for Your Practice

Going to the dentist isn’t something most people look forward to, but with Spectrio’s in-office marketing solutions, we’ll work with you to make your patient experience a little more pleasant.

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Increase Customer Engagement for Dental

Spectrio’s dental marketing solutions help your practice develop positive, memorable patient experiences. From the waiting room to your on-hold messaging, our solutions work to give your patients the support and entertainment they crave.

No matter the size of your practice or the number of patients you see in a day, Spectrio’s customizable solutions can be tailor-fit to meet the needs of patients and staff alike.


Keep Patients Engaged With Our Digital Signage

Digital signage is a great way to engage with your patients from the minute they walk in the door. Our screens easily provide them with educational materials, appointment availability, and more. Spectrio’s software works to help your practice stand out from other dentists, increase case acceptance, and create happier office visits.

Our turn-key, comprehensive signage makes customizing your waiting room TV and menu boards easy, all from a central, cloud-based portal.

Feature Boards

Focus your board entirely on the services and treatments of your dental practice. Our content library covers a wide variety of dental procedures and services for you to choose from. With our customizable templates, you can promote the messages that work best for you.

Pass-Thru Television

Mix in pre-screened, family-friendly entertainment clips. We’ll provide your business with a library of top news stories, sporting events, weather, human interest stories, sitcoms, and movie trailers. Your educational content will play in-between spots, promoting your practice.

Educational Videos

Share best practices and health tips with your patients on your existing screens. This information will help make the most of your patients’ time in-office.

Custom Video Production

Our creative team will work with your practice to create customized content that will keep your patients aware of why your practice is uniquely qualified to cater to their needs.


Explore Our Vetted Dental Content Library

With our dental content library, your practice will never have to worry about creating content on your own. Our dedicated team of experts has put together a selection of dental and healthcare content to meet the needs of your patients. Browse through hundreds of animated videos and images that feature educational, entertaining, customizable, and other types of content.


The Power of Spectrio for Dental

Spectrio’s years of experience in the dental industry have made us specially equipped to provide your practice with the content and support you need. Our solutions have been specifically designed to:

  • Provide patients with the educational health content on best practices for dental care.
  • Improve the patient experience by showcasing providers, service offerings, and seasonal messaging on engaging signage.
  • Utilize existing screen investments to provide the biggest impact on your practice.
  • Maintain consistent branding and messaging.

On-Hold Marketing

Providing curious callers with easy answers to their commonly asked questions is a great step towards transforming them into loyal patients. Let us help craft the right blend of music and messaging to keep them engaged throughout their call. Our solution can be pre-programmed to provide location hours, appointment availability, current health and safety restrictions, and more. These messages combined with the right genre of music will help improve the quality of your patients’ on-hold interactions with your practice.


of callers hang up when they are left in silence while on hold.


of callers have made a service decision after hearing hold messaging.

On Hold Messaging

Overhead Music and Messaging

Overhead messaging helps to fully immerse your patients in your on-premise experience. The right mix of music and messages work in tandem with the visual aspects of your practice to ensure patients have a pleasant visit from start to finish. Spectrio’s music experts will work with you to craft the perfect playlist, choose the right voice talent, and build the right messages that will keep guests relaxed during their wait.

Spectrio’s fully-licensed playlists will also prevent your practice from getting slapped with costly fines and fees. We’ll work with you to ensure that the music you choose is the right fit, no matter the genre or tempo.

Clinical trials with music show it reduces pain, depression, and disability.

Just 20 minutes of listening to music can lower heart rate, blood pressure, and anxiety.

Overhead Messaging

WiFi Marketing

Offering your patients free WiFi is a great way to help them stay connected and reduce the perception of their wait time. WiFi marketing, however, boosts the impact of your existing network by giving your practice a simple, frictionless way to interact with patients. Our solution transforms your WiFi network into a useful marketing tool, delivering important brand messaging to patients while simultaneously collecting their relevant data for your business’s use.

Spectrio’s communications are all HIPAA compliant, as all information collected is voluntarily given and not related to patient health information.

Wifi Marketing

Scent Marketing

Scent Marketing can further enhance the patient experience at your practice. Ambient scent, when approached properly, has a subconscious effect on patient comfort, visit experience, and overall impression of your business.

Spectrio has created hundreds of unique scents, each with a mood, impression, or effect in mind. Our Scent Marketing experts will work with your business to find the best scent for your lobby, exam rooms, and more.

Our scents are hypo-allergenic, oil-based, and compliant with safety and regulation standards in both the US and the EU. We’ll also provide your practice with the best diffuser system on the market, ensuring that the scent of your choosing immerses your customers in the journey you’ve carefully crafted for them.

Scent Marketing
Scent Marketing
Scent Marketing
Scent Marketing
Scent Marketing
Scent Marketing
Scent Marketing
Scent Marketing
Scent Marketing

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