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Increase customer engagement for Hospitality

Your guest experience is important to you. But are you taking advantage of all the possibilities to market once guests have arrived at your hotel? Your phone system, digital screens and signs, overhead speakers, and WiFi can be converted into effective, interactive marketing tools that will drive revenue by informing guests of your services and promoting your brand. If you’re looking for a way to increase per-guest revenue while boosting brand affinity, Spectrio’s hospitality marketing solutions may be right for you.


Digital Signage

Spectrio offers a turn-key, easy-to-use solution for all of your hotel’s digital signage needs. As a proven leader in digital signage, Spectrio will help you choose the type of displays that best fit your hospitality brand and business objectives. Our creative team will work with you to create customized content to advertise your hotel’s services and special offers. We provide you with the required hardware, creative content, dedicated customer service, and free updates so that capitalizing on the promise of digital signage is simple.

Wait Boards

Promote your brand, avoid competitor ads, and keep your customers happy with branded entertainment options in your hotel’s lobby and waiting areas. With pre-screened content from popular networks like CBS or NBC playing alongside branded content and promotional ads, your customers’ wait time will feel like no time.

Menu Boards

Your offers and services can change constantly, so your signage should, too. Spectrio’s eye-catching digital menu boards are easy to update with special offers, pricing, and a full-service menu for your hotel’s dining areas.

Full Screen

Keep the focus on a single message at a time to maximize its impact. Whether it’s a promotional offer or explainer videos, highlight a rotating playlist that speaks to your guests’ needs.


Access to Engaging, Entertaining Content

Never struggle with creating content on your own. Tap into Spectrio’s extensive library of hospitality content to fill your playlists and engage your guests during their stay. Choose from hundreds of animated videos and images that feature 3D animation, interviews, trivia, holiday greetings, seasonal topics, and more.


WiFi Marketing

Wi-Fi Marketing leverages your hotel’s existing Wi-Fi system to not only provide complimentary Internet access to your guests, but also allow you to gather vital data about your audience and target them with real-time marketing. Wi-Fi Marketing provides a unique opportunity to drive buying behavior, increase guest loyalty and reach people who may not even be staying at your hotel, like conference attendees. By capturing your guests’ information via your Wi-Fi, you can direct users towards a particular splash page branded for your location with your most relevant information. Data gathered via Wi-Fi will also allow you to send timely text messages or emails to guests whether they’re staying with you or have returned home, boosting revenue as well as repeat stays.


of business travelers consider free Wi-Fi a deciding factor when it comes to their choice of hotel.


of guests get online within seven minutes of checking in.

Wifi Marketing

On-Hold Marketing

Keep callers on the phone and on their way to becoming loyal guests. Spectrio’s on-hold experts will help you develop messaging that promotes special offers and informs potential on your hours, location, amenities and more. If your hotel is overwhelmed with phone calls and voice messages, consider how a well-thought out on-hold messaging strategy can reduce the burden on your concierge desk and staff while driving revenue.

*Spectrio is an approved vendor for Marriott Bonvoy


of callers hang up when they are left in silence while on hold.


of callers surveyed will stay on the line longer if they hear product information.


Overhead Music

The right music will enhance your guests’ experience, increase their buying potential, raise employee productivity, and save your store thousands of dollars in legal fees resulting from licensing mishaps. Spectrio’s music experts will help you choose playlists that fit the atmosphere of your hotel, and our dedicated voice talent can create overhead messages to help you promote promotions, offers and events while providing direction to guests and employees.


of hotel guests are more likely to consume more food and drink when they hear music they like.


of people who like music in hotels agree that it makes them feel more relaxed.

Music Sample
Messaging Sample
Overhead Messaging

Scent Marketing

Scent is one of the most important and yet underappreciated senses that play a part in the customer journey. As the only sense that is processed directly through the limbic system, smell is hardwired to our memories and emotions. Ambient scent, when approached properly, has a subconscious effect on customer comfort, shopping behavior and spending patterns. Spectrio has created hundreds of unique scents, each with a mood, impression, or effect in mind. We work with you to find the best scent for your objectives, client base, and brand identity.

Our scents are hypo-allergenic, oil-based scents that comply with the highest level of safety and regulation standards set forth under provisions of the United States and European Union laws. For one monthly fee we provide you with the best diffuser system and scent for your need so you can easily get subtle, environment-enhancing scent when and where you need it.


of scents can be recalled after a year, and have 100% recall ability compared to something touched or heard.


of our emotions are affected by scent.

Scent Marketing
Scent Marketing
Scent Marketing
Scent Marketing
Scent Marketing
Scent Marketing
Scent Marketing
Scent Marketing
Scent Marketing

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