Marketing for Manufacturers

Getting important information to your workforce can be a tough job when most employees work on their feet in a loud and fast-paced industrial environment. But the fact is, your organization’s safety and success is on the line.

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Digital Signage

Spectrio digital signage makes it easy to connect your entire workforce across thousands of manufacturing facilities and warehouses with messaging that keeps them on-task, engaged and safe. Digital manufacturing displays can help you meet any number of business goals:

Raise Productivity

Share production line metrics, inventory alerts and more to prevent bottlenecks and keep everyone focused on meeting goals.

Improve Safety & Compliance

Extend the value of your safety training program and compliance initiatives with engaging OSHA videos and signs as well as health reminders.

Increase Employee Morale & Retention

Celebrate employee achievements and anniversaries in break rooms and beyond to keep your workforce engaged.

Why Spectrio is the best digital signage solution for manufacturing and logistics displays

Thousands of manufacturing sites and warehouse facilities choose Spectrio as the intuitive solution for visual communications.

Data Integrations

Display your existing data and metrics in real time

  • Future-proof data integrations
  • No-code API Connector
  • Single sign-on (SSO) support

Content Library

Access professional content designed for manufacturing sites

  • Spanish language signs & templates
  • Engaging countdowns and animations
  • Customize to your brand

Complete Reliability

Keep mission-critical screens running

  • Enterprise-class secuirty
  • Online & Offline play
  • Worldwide success team

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