The Ultimate Guide to Attracting and Retaining Patients

Whether you aim to grow your practice, increase patient retention or decrease perceived wait times, this guide gives you all the tools you need to delight your current patients and attract new ones.

Outpatient Guide Bookcover

What You'll Learn

The patients of today expect a positive experience when engaging with your healthcare practice, from booking an appointment to sitting in the waiting room. As patients move further into the driver’s seat for their own healthcare research and management, you need to make sure your practice is providing a positive experience for both current and prospective patients. This guide provides you with all the tools to reach your outpatient customer experience goals.

  • How to Improve Patient Experience Promote other services, reinforce branding and engage patients at the same time using digital signs and branded TV displays.
  • How to Attract New Patients Grow your practice by providing new patients with a seamless experience by focusing on: useful content, online ratings, and convenience, convenience, convenience.
  • How to Increase Patient Retention Set the tone for a positive customer experience starting with the patient's first phone call. Callers who hear useful information will stay on the line up to 3 minutes longer.
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