Digital Waitboards are proven to be more engaging and more influential on customer purchase intent than static advertising. They also cross-sell and up-sell via strategic promotional messaging, drive buying behavior and connect guests and customers to affiliate programs/partners.

Real-Time Communication

Weather and Social Updates

Include live feeds of real-time information with news ticker frames that pull data from social streams and weather outlets.

Library of Content

Choose from hundreds of custom videos and creative content in the Spectrio library to keep customers entertained and informed.

Timely Alerts and Promotions

Keep your messages current with managed content, enabling you to advertise your most relevant offers, promotions, and messages in real-time.

Combine the Best Layout for Your Needs

We offer standard layout options that can be customized to fit the needs of your business. Combine the layout that best suits your visual brand with the perfect playlist of content to accomplish your goals.

Branded Wrap

A professionally designed wrap frames your video content with your company branding, desired promotional content, choice of feeds, and zoned graphics.

Main Video Zone

Your choice of Private Label TV, Live Cable Pass-Thru, or Info TV.

Side Zone

Custom graphic ad content, trivia, seasonal messages, weather. These zones may be static or in motion.

News Ticker

Integrate news headlines, social media feeds, RSS feeds, or custom messages.

Private Label TV

Private Label TV allows you to control the content you stream to your waiting audience. This option ensures you never have to worry about offensive or inappropriate content making its way into your waiting area. Video Playlists are curated from top-tier media entertainment clips, Spectrio video library content, or client-provided content and are customized for the target audience. Both static and motion ad content is available to be integrated. We have multiple content packages to choose between, including our most popular Lifestyle playlist.


Your customers will be able to view attention-grabbing programs about sports, outdoors and nature, cooking, talk shows, movie trailers, home improvement, and technology.


Keep visitors entertained with popular talk shows, movie trailers, nature shows, and home improvement shows.

Sports and Adventure

Draw in viewers' attention with sports talk shows, golf, movie trailers, automotive shows, and more.

Home and Leisure

Home improvement, cooking, talk shows, movie trailers, and nature


Animals, nature, and exploration

Children's Entertainment

Cartoons, puppets, and more

Made To Order

Create your own specialized playlist

Live Cable Pass-Through

Not ready to cut ties with your cable company? We offer all the benefits of our Waitboard services with your cable package. Our installers will set up a connection to your cable feed to stream into the video zone of your Waitboard. You can then allow your customers all the programming cable offers, while still promoting your brand and showing your choice of RSS feeds, graphic ad content, news, weather, and more.

Info TV

If you want your waiting room to be a purely educational experience for visitors, Info TV is your best option. We create custom video playlists that can include industry specific subject matter from our massive library of content, creative animations, internal communications such as safety procedures, or your own custom content. Info TV brings your customers’ attention to your store, your brand, and your messaging, while keeping them entertained and engaged. Whatever your business goals are, we will help you achieve them.

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