Flavors from Around the Globe

Knowing what kind of on hold music to use can make all the difference in a successful production. More than just background for your message, the right music helps set the tone, drive the message, and engage the listener. Spectrio offers a wide variety of on hold music styles that are fully licensed and specially mastered to create a custom blend uniquely your own.
*For any clients located outside of the United States, music selections may vary due to licensing arrangements. Please allow Spectrio to assist with your music selections if your company is located Internationally.
ID CARIB01 - Caribbean - Hazy Groove
ID CARIB02 - Caribbean - Island Arrival
ID CARIB03 - Caribbean - Lighter Air
ID CARIB04 - Caribbean - Rum Runner
ID CELT01 - Celtic - Green Pastures
ID CELT02 - Celtic - Fiddledy Dee
ID CELT03 - Celtic - Faces of Ireland
ID ITAL01 - Italian - Simply Italy
ID ITAL02 - Italian - Roman Dreams
ID ITAL03 - Italian - Tour of Italy
ID ITAL04 - Italian - Tony's Place
ID AFR01 - Africa - Celebrate
ID AFR02 - Africa - Good Morning
ID ASIA01 - Asia - Return
ID ASIA02 - Asia - The Silk Road
ID ASIA03 - Asia - Tokyo Today
ID INDIA01 - India - Rhythm of Life
ID AUS01 - Australia - Didgerigroove