worker preparing a dish at ice cream shop

Creamistry is a fast-growing franchise brand with an innovative take on the traditional ice cream shop. As part of its franchise marketing plan, Creamistry uses Enplug’s software on TV screens in its 40+ locations to engage customers.

Creamistry’s team was looking for a way to engage customers via franchise marketing in its locations. During busy times, Creamistry’s made-to-order ice cream is so popular that the wait time can be up to 30 minutes.

By connecting Enplug’s mini-device to TV screens in stores, Creamistry can digitally engage customers by showing fans’ social media photo updates along with customized marketing content.

Kenny Cho, Creamistry’s Marketing Director, says:

“Enplug allows us to directly communicate with our customers across all our locations, encouraging social media engagement with our brand while also enhancing the overall in-store Creamistry experience.”

Creamistry franchise marketing

Angie Kim, Creamistry’s Marketing Coordinator, says:

“We’re now creating content to be shared on the Enplug system via the Graphics App. We are sharing fun facts, promotions, new products, our loyalty program, and catering options.

Francise marketing patrons

As Creamistry expands within the U.S. and internationally, the franchisor can add Enplug displays to each new store location as a core component of the franchise marketing plan. As each new store opens, it will automatically be integrated into Creamistry’s corporate marketing communications.

Enplug welcomes franchisor Creamistry to its family of Enplug clients — joining such companies as Oracle, Marriott and Toyota.

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