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For innovative companies, growth and success are often driven by technology. So when Memphis-based Perkins-Everitt Lighting & Controls started building a state-of-the-art Lighting Experience Center, they sought technology partners that would enable them to create innovative customer communications.

“We were building the most advanced Lighting Experience Center in the United States,” Will Childress, Technical Services Manager & Designer said. “So we wanted all of our video communications to reflect that and be seamless with the rest of the experience the customer has.”

In order to execute this, Perkins-Everitt needed a digital signage solution that allowed them to deliver high-impact content experiences that engaged customers while also connecting and motivating employees through internal communications. 

They chose Enplug to facilitate this. “I looked at multiple companies,” Childress said. “But I enjoyed Enplug’s web interface and the flexibility to integrate the products that we use.”

Since implementing Enplug, Perkins-Everitt now uses Enplug’s software to power digital signage in their Experience Center as well as the conference rooms and lobby in their office. “In the open office, we have the COVID-19 health signage running along with our office calendar so we know who is coming in that day to the Experience Center,” Childress said. “We also use it for a lot of seasonal countdowns and when we have large groups we put the menu on the appropriate screens.”

They also use Enplug for welcome signs, wayfinding, and general information and alerts, which include Enplug’s templates with reminders about wearing a mask and social distancing. 

“What I like the most about the product is the flexibility of making it your own and pushing it to see what the product can do next,” Childress said.

(Image credit: Joe Luther)

As an active member of the lighting industry for many years, Perkins-Everitt Lighting & Controls is focused on the future of lighting. With Enplug’s help, the company stays ahead of the competition with its innovative approach and serves a leadership role across the professional lighting industry.