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Since its release, the Enplug ScreenSaver has helped companies connect and engage with employees more effectively. And it’s clear remote work is here to stay, so we’ve added new features to bring the benefits of digital signage software straight to your employees’ laptops.

With a new continuous play feature that keeps important messages rotating from where they left off and the addition of sound to videos, it’s easier than ever to engage remote employees.

Continuous Play

We designed our screensaver to transform blank screens into vibrant communications that employees see when they start their day, return from a break, or jump on a call. But with all the starting and stopping in a typical workday, it can be challenging to make sure employees receive a seamless content experience.

That’s why content from your ScreenSaver playlist will now pick up wherever users left off. 

Previously, your playlist would restart at the beginning every time an employee computer was inactive. With continuous play, your playlist keeps going whenever the screensaver shows, so you can be sure employees see all of your important messages. 

Show Videos With Sound

We’ve also upgraded our ScreenSaver to give you the ability to show your videos with sound. 

Enabling sound not only helps make your video more interesting – it also draws your employee’s attention. Now you can add some punch to your video Screensavers by including music, sound effects, voiceover narration and more.