two twitter posts on a display

We’re excited to announce the launch of four brand-new social media apps that will help Enplug users communicate with their customers and employees. Social media is a key communications channel for most businesses – from showcasing customers’ food pics to highlighting company events for employees.

With Enplug’s new apps for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Yelp, we’re making it easier than ever to stream social media and review content onto digital displays anywhere.

Each of our new social media apps can be customized with automatic or manual content filtering and a modern, eye-catching design that matches your brand. Better still, all users can display an unlimited number of Twitter and Instagram hashtags!

Enplug's Instagram social media app for digital signage showing an Instagram post on a screen.

This new update makes Enplug’s digital signage social media apps much more powerful. Enplug customers can feature multiple versions of each social app on each display, or deploy one version across dozens or hundreds of displays in their network. Users can also preview the apps before setting them live and schedule them to play at selected times or days. Finally, the new apps can also play as the Main Zone content within Enplug’s Zoning App, allowing users to show banners and tickers on the screen with their social media.

The setup and management process is similar across all the new social apps, with a few differences depending on the social network being used.

  1. From the Enplug Dashboard, navigate to the top drop-down menu for Apps – More Apps, then click the icon for the network you want to use.
  2. Follow the steps in the app to connect your social media accounts and hashtags and choose whether you’d like to use automatic or manual approval.
  3. Customize the appearance of each app by choosing from our color themes or creating your own, and setting how the call-to-action should display.
  4. Once your app version is ready to go, you can push it out across your displays and schedule when it should play just like with our other apps.

Not using Enplug yet? All of our customers get access to Enplug’s new apps as soon as they’re available, plus weekly automatic security and feature updates. Get a demo today!