You’re already on your way to setting up or updating your current in-store music service with Spectrio. Not only do we help get you started, we can produce, maintain and, when you’re ready, help you take the next steps toward becoming a store of the future. For now, let’s focus on your overhead music. Either way, you’ll have a professional, customer-relevant overhead music system and messaging schedule to drive your business forward.


Spectrio has honed a process developed through decades of experience delivering premium audio and video marketing solutions. Our process, professionals and experience combined ensure we offer the highest level of quality in every aspect of our interaction as we set up your system.


We dive right in to learn about your company, products, services, and customers so your system addresses your unique business needs.

Service Implementation

From sourcing hardware, to wiring and installation, and software management, Spectrio’s team of audio and video experts make implementing your Spectrio solution completely turn-key.

Content Creation

Our Agency Level Creative Team will handle it all, from graphic design, video production, playlist designers to voice and actor talents.

Campaign Management

Proactive Campaign Management with Spectrio specialists get your first campaign up and humming along, then will work with you to continually optimize your program for the greatest impact.


Your Overhead music program is just one aspect of a Spectrio location-based ecosystem that can help you maximize each touchpoint within your store for improved sales and customer satisfaction. To get the most of your location-based marketing program and keep your store shopping experience competitive, you need a comprehensive program that considers all the interaction opportunities—each with unique benefits and purpose. Our products are proven to increase your revenue, average unit volume (AUV), percentage of sales, and customer satisfaction, propelling you into a store of tomorrow, today.

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