Spectrio is proud to announce the release of the Spectrio Update Manager (SUM), the new way for our customers to view, edit, create and submit scripting for their on hold messages!

Spectrio Update Manager (SUM)

There are many great features in SUM, including the ability to:

-check status of current production(s)

-listen to and choose specific voice talent and music tracks

-schedule start and end dates for scripts

-choose from a library of previously-used messages to re-use or edit

-rearrange messages by dragging and dropping

Want to learn more? Check out our demo video here.

If you’re a client and you’re ready to get started with your new on hold script, visit the Client Login page and follow the simple instructions to download the app!

Our Client Care team is always here to help, should you need assistance installing SUM or working on your scripting. Feel free to call us at 800-584-4653 x6377.