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Enplug, a digital signage software company at the forefront of technology, is excited to host a demonstration by Richard Browning, known as the real-life Iron Man (of Marvel Comics fame).

An oil trader for BP in London by day and inventor by night, Browning became captivated by the idea of building a jet-powered flying suit. And after years of experimentation, he ultimately created a personal flying suit for extended flight.

Browning is visiting California from his home in England and will be demonstrating his flying suit at Enplug on Tuesday, July 18.

NOTE: Due to limited space and high demand, registration is required. Complete the form below to request an invitation.

Rowland Manthorpe in an April 10, 2017, Wired article reported:

Browning says the suit, which he calls Daedalus after the legendary Greek inventor, is stable and simple to control. “It’s just pointing the vectors in the right place. Your brain very quickly wires itself to be able to manage that.”

Browning runs ultra-marathons and practices calisthenics, gymnastic exercises he learnt as a Royal Marine reserve.

At Enplug we share a love of experimentation and technology with innovators such as Browning. In fact, our digital signage software is built to encourage customization with our open developers’ toolkit and App Market. And we’re looking forward to sharing video of Browning’s flying suit via the Enplug Graphics and Video App.

Browning will also be featured at Comic Con, which is being held this year from July 20-23 at the San Diego Convention Center.

Press is welcome to attend the demonstration, and press inquiries may be emailed to

Here is a video about Browning’s flying suit creation:

And here is a video of his TED Talk that includes more details:

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