As we close out 2019 and begin the new year, it’s always important to reflect on the year’s growth. 

In 2019 our product enhancements focused extensively on the user experience and even brought the rollout of a new administrative platform, LifeShare 2.0. Let’s look back at our completed 2019 roadmap and look ahead at things to come in early 2020…

LifeShare 2.0 has been in development for years. LifeShare 2.0 is built on a platform that allows our Development Team to make updates and add new features more rapidly. With the rollout of LifeShare 2.0, we made several new features incorporating client requests:

  • Activity Participation Tracking
  • A “Preview Slideshow” Button
  • Search Fields for Content Channels
  • Preview of Uploaded Videos
  • Mixed Media Albums (Pictures and Videos together)
  • Ability for Staff to Upload Resource Documents on Activities

Our set top box user interface has also received some updates including:

  • Slideshow Narration (voiceover reading of slides)
  • Ability to Show and Hide LifeShare On-Demand Channels 
  • Game Difficulty and Category Additions
  • Guest Account for In-Room LifeShare

The two projects our clients have been the most excited about were the “Preview Slideshow” Button and the Activity Participation Tracking feature, both of which are immediate timesavers for Life Enrichment Staff. As with many new features, the Activity Participation Tracking feature is a starting point for our clients to begin using. With use, we hope to hear feedback that will help guide us in the direction of our next steps and feature updates.

At LifeShare, we strive to constantly improve our products and sometimes that means changes that are not customer-facing. The LifeShare Development Team are the unsung heros and rockstars behind all that makes LifeShare run and function smoothly. Even things like server updates, security patches, and processes for testing new releases help us to improve the quality of our products and services. In 2019, our application uptime was 99.99%.

With 2020 right around the bend, be on the lookout for the following new features and updates to the LifeShare products:

  • LifeShare for Alexa Skill
  • Additional Curated Content (similar to This Day in History)
  • LifeShare Mobile App Updates

LifeShare has evolved its product offering consistently based on your feedback. You are the ones with the boots on the ground using the products in the wild. If you have a suggestion for future enhancements or things that could be improved in our products, reach out to