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How many ways could your business use digital signage to make its lobby directory more engaging, helpful and attractive?

Draw some inspiration from Rising Realty Partners. This real estate developer uses Enplug’s digital signage software on several displays throughout its 460,000-square-foot downtown Los Angeles campus at the PacMutual buildings to help visitors navigate the historic buildings and parking garage.

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The PacMutual buildings house dozens of tenants, from retailers like Verizon Wireless and NastyGal to restaurants like Water Grill and Tender Greens, so it’s important visitors have an easy time navigating their way through the building. Most of PacMutual’s digital directories are oriented in portrait mode, some of which are displayed side-by-side in groups of three in the main lobby areas. The second and third floors use kiosk displays, and the displays in the garage are hung from a pillar near the parking attendant desk.

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As you can see, PacMutual also uses their displays to showcase other content, like a live social media wall and promotional graphics. These features add movement and visual interest to the digital signage and make an otherwise empty or static space a place to gather for helpful information. Guests can go there to check the weather forecast, read updates from any RSS feed and see who’s been tweeting or posting images about the businesses in the building.

Rising Realty Partners Digital Directory

On upper levels, single displays are used primarily to show a directory of tenants just on that floor. (Rising Realty rotates in other content—like social media posts—too.)

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Here’s what Rising Realty Partners had to say about Enplug’s software:

“We were looking for a digital directory board for our PacMutual property which houses a number of tech, retail, fashion and traditional businesses,” Christopher Rising, president and COO of Rising Realty Partners, told GlobeSt.com. “We couldn’t find anything that was particularly eye-catching or could fit our diverse tenant needs. After hearing about Enplug and their success in retail stores, we reached out to their team of highly creative professionals and engineers. They were able to create a new system that could work in our lobby and other locations throughout PacMutual.”

Within the first week of installing a single kiosk digital directory in their building, Rising Realty Partners saw a 35% increase in tweets from 100% more users interacting with their brand on Twitter.

In collaboration with Rising Realty Partners, PacMutual tenant Water Grill conducted an experiment with displays in the building lobby to test a single idea: Would targeted social media drive sales to the restaurant? To find out, they offered a promotion for free drinks and displayed ads encouraging passersby to post a tweet or Instagram in exchange for a coupon. As a result, Water Grill redeemed 24 tickets in two hours, earned an additional $845 in sales and increased their Twitter impressions by 34,000. Does your traditional directory do that?

Water Grill General Manager DeDe Commans said:

“Using social as a currency is a novel concept that proved to be a very useful, high-tech solution to bring in new customers, increase revenue, and increase social buzz around the Water Grill brand.”

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