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At Spectrio, it’s our goal to help clients achieve their goals. Here’s how we did it for Peters Auto Mall.

The Issue:

Peters Auto Mall was looking for a convenient and entertaining way for customers to learn more about late model used vehicles, view specifications and photos, and browse all the vehicles on their lot.
The Spectrio Solution:

Spectrio developed an interactive application for digital kiosk displays to be located at the dealership and at a local shopping mall.
Each interactive display includes specifications and stock photos of every vehicle from the 2008 through the 2011 model years, to provide a potential car buyer with information they need for vehicle comparison. Spectrio licenses the vehicle data, configuration tool and images from Chrome Data Solutions, a leading provider of high-quality vehicle content and applications. Chrome Data Solutions provides its services to most of the vehicle manufacturers in North America, including many large website portals and dealer service providers serving thousands of consumers and vehicle dealers. The variety and quality of vehicle images and data from Chrome Data Solutions were the ideal solution for the interactive search function on the kiosk.
Besides stock photos and specifications, the kiosks allow users to access the Peters Auto Mall website, where they can search through available vehicles at the dealership. Peters Auto Mall worked with Dominion Dealer Solutions to institute this inventory database, which includes several photos of each vehicle on their lot along with options and technical specs. For more than 20 years, Dominion has served over 150,000 automotive professionals and more than 11,000 auto dealerships.
The kiosk also provides access to the Peters Auto Mall Facebook page so customers can connect with the company.
In addition, the sales team at Peters Auto Mall frequently uses the interactive kiosk to access information about vehicles without having to recall every detail about every car.
When the kiosk is not in use, a screen saver plays information about the dealership, advertises current specials, and encourages passers-by to touch the screen to learn more.

The Outcome:

Spectrio’s interactive kiosks give Peters Auto Mall a unique advantage over other local car dealerships, and allows them to provide great customer service with minimal effort. They are able to bring the car lot inventory to the fingertips of mall shoppers, and enhance the image of their used car dealership by providing the atmosphere and customer experience like that found in a new car dealership.
You can see a sample of our work for Peters Auto Mall by clicking the Interactive Kiosk link on our website!
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