man in front of screens digital signage

Digital signage may sound like a fancy technology that is a fad of the future. But digital signs aren’t an upcoming trend. They are already here and are more prevalent in our everyday life than you realize.

When you know what to look for, you’ll find digital signs all around you. You’ll see that their usage is wider, more varied, and more prevalent than you originally thought.

You’ll see that this communication tool isn’t something to be ignored. It’s not a technology of the future. Digital signage is already here, and if you want to share a message, this is the new normal when it comes to communicating.

Static signs are out. Digital signs are in, and here are some examples to prove it.

1. Casual Restaurant Menu Boards

The next time you are in your favorite fast food or fast casual restaurant, look around you. You’ll notice that menu boards are no longer static signs or letter boards. They are digital menu boards with clean, crisp graphics that rotate to show different photos of food, advertisements, and special offerings.

2. Behind the Service Counter

Show up to get an oil change or haircut and you’ll likely notice that the service menu board behind the counter has gone digital. Many service-based businesses now use digital screens to show their service menus as well as advertise promotions and specials.

3. Billboards

Digitals signs come in sizes big and small. The massive billboards you see on the side of the road are starting to use digital signage to make their messages more engaging and eye-catching. Plus, changing content through a content management system on the ground is much easier than changing content on physical signs up in the air.

4. Maps and Directories

When you walk into a business park, hospital, mall, amusement park, or large campus, you will likely find a wayfinding tool or map upon your entrance. You used to find static “You Are Here” signs. But those signs are quickly being replaced with interactive digital signs that enable you to search for what you need and receive custom directions to get to your location.

5. Lobby Information Boards

The next time you visit a hotel, take a few minutes to look around the lobby. You’ll probably find more than one placement of digital signage around you. From screens that welcome visitors and show off video clips of the property to information boards that display the weather and daily activities, many hotels now use digital signage to welcome and inform visitors.  

6. Hallway Ads in the Mall

To see a plethora of digital signs, take a stroll through the mall. Throughout the entire length of the mall, you’ll find life-size screens rotating content that promotes stores, mall events, and brand name products.

7. Mass Transit Signs

On your next commute, look around as you take the bus or train. Digitals signs frequently appear on the sides of mass transit vehicles and also line the walkways leading to trains. Taxi cabs also utilize digital sign by placing screens on top of their cars and facing passengers in their vehicles.  

8. Screens at the Gas Pump

If you are driving yourself on your commute, stop to get gas. You’ll find digital signage talking to you at the pump. Many large gas station chains now provide signage to entertain and advertise to customers as they fill up their tanks.

9. Transportation Status Boards

When taking mass transit and traveling by train or plane, you’ll see digital screens used to display the status and times of upcoming arrivals and departures. Digital systems make it easy to constantly update and revise messaging on screens.

10. Waiting Room Programming

While watching one of your favorite mainstream television programs in a waiting area, you may be surprised to learn that you could be watching custom digital signage content. Digital signage programming often uses clips and episodes from popular programming and incorporates it into custom programming feeds.  

11. Interactive Kiosks

If you have ever checked-in when you arrived a location, you may have encountered another type of digital signage. Interactive signage now enables users to enter their information and select content based on their needs.

12. Showroom Walls

Walk into a large showroom and it’s likely that you will meet both salespeople and large digital screens. Many sales floors include video content that answers frequently asked questions, shows a product in use, and helps customers make purchasing decisions.

13. Retail Stores

Helpful sales videos aren’t just used in large showrooms. You’ll also find product demo videos and useful product content in small retailers. Video content is a great way to explain the features and benefits of new products that customers haven’t seen before.

14. Convention Center Booths

While walking through a convention center during an expo, make note of the booths that capture your attention. It’s likely that the displays that are the most eye-catching include some sort of digital display that rotates content, shares videos, and stands out from ordinary static signs.

15. Social Media Feed Displays

During events, you may see a screen with a curated list of social media feeds. The screens that share social messages with a specified hashtag are often displayed using digital signage.

16. Scoreboards

Sharing information with visitors or spectators during an event is a prime use of digital signage. You’ll see that for yourself if you are at a sporting event where you may find digital screens sharing scores from the game and highlights and updates from other games in progress at the same time.   

17. Museum and Exhibit Installations

Take a stroll through your favorite museum and you’ll likely find a variety of interactive and digital screens that share extra information about exhibits in a fun and engaging way.

How many places do you think you’ve seen a digital sign in the last week? Let us know in the comments!

From retail stores and train stations to convention centers and museums, digital signage is at work in a wide variety of locations across cities and small towns. Once you are aware of this, you’ll start to notice signs everywhere you go.

Digital signage is here and quickly becoming the most effective, efficiently and wide used method for communicating with an audience. So, don’t get left behind by failing to see the power of this platform.

Learn even more about the application, benefits, and trends of digital signage by downloading the free guide “Everything You Need to Know When Deciding if Digital Signage is Right for Your Business.”