Digital Upgrades at Cackle Hatchery

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The Problem

Cackle Hatchery specializes in hatching and shipping purebred poultry, but people still drive hours to visit their storefront and buy chickens.

After noticing a Spectrio digital wait board at a local auto shop, the company saw a unique opportunity to capitalize on the time customers spend waiting on the sales floor by implementing digital signage to spread the message about current promotions, health tips and more.

Cackle hatchery also needed a digital signage solution that was easy to update. Once Cackle Hatchery conducted research into competitors and do-it-yourself options, Spectrio was by far the best suited to match their needs.

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Our Solution

Spectrio’s creative team brought Cackle Hatchery’s ideas to life by building a custom content library with Cackle Hatchery’s fonts, artwork and branding. An LED television was installed in the Cackle Hatchery waiting room and the project launched in early 2017. The hatchery has complete access to a web portal to make quick and easy content updates, like sharing health information about a recent salmonella scare, and Spectrio also helps with ongoing updates.

The digital wait board is a big hit at Cackle Hatchery. Since the implementation, customers frequently bring up the new technology, making positive comments or asking questions about a piece of content they saw on the board. The sales floor continues to cluck with excitement and sales are expected to increase as a result.

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 If you think your business could benefit from digital signage, contact the team at Spectrio today to discuss your options!