Take a minute to assess your auto shop, and create a list of places where you are using multimedia content to sell more tires. If you aren’t sure where to look, consider the following places where you could use media to engage with customers. 

  • Digital screens placed in showrooms, waiting areas, and behind counters
  • On-hold messages presented during customer calling experiences
  • Website and social media content visible through search and paid promotions
  • Overhead messaging aired to customers throughout your store
  • Interactive content controlled by customers in your store

Once you create this list, what do you discover? Do you see that you are using a lot of multimedia content? Or, do you see that you are missing the mark and failing to engage with your customers through media?

 If it’s the latter, you are likely missing out on opportunities to sell more tires because multimedia can effectively connect with customers in the following ways:

Inform & Educate

Customers like to make educated purchasing decisions. They typically collect information about products and services so they can weigh their options before they buy. This customer habit is especially true in the auto industry where customers are often skeptical and apprehensive.  

By using multimedia to provide information in your tire store or auto shop, you can build trust and decrease customer stress as you give customers the tools to make educated purchasing decisions.

In-store digital signage content can deliver product demo videos, product comparison reports, and service procedure info to educate customers on their upcoming purchase. Content can also be repurposed and published online to let customers explore their options from home.


Useful, informative content can initiate upsell opportunities. Multimedia in your store can introduce customers to complementary packages and offerings that support their initial purchase. This type of multimedia acts as a silent salesperson that can present soft sales pitches to customers in a non-obtrusive or salesy way.

Both overhead and on-hold messages are ideal places for presenting upsell opportunities. Customers on hold and in your store are already engaged with your business, so they are primed for hearing additional promotions and offerings.

Digital signage is also an effective platform for promoting upsell, as a Forrester study found that one in five customers make an unplanned purchase after seeing items featured on digital screens.

Entertain & Engage

Multimedia is an excellent sales tool, and it’s also a great entertainment source that effectively catches audience attention. Over 80% of consumers watch programming on digital signage when it is presented to them, according to one Forrester study.

With high engagement rates, entertaining digital signage improves customer satisfaction and decreases perceived wait times. Customers report a 33% decrease in perceived wait time when presented with digital screen content.

Digital media connects with customers, and this is especially true when the content is catered to the audience’s interests. Screens can air custom content playlists featuring shows, video clips, and sports to increase engagement and provide even more targeted entertainment to waiting customers.

Screens can also be positioned so audiences can control the content on their own. Interactive digital signs provide a way for customers to get involved with the media process. They can use screens to perform tasks such as schedule services and check-in for appointments and to search for content such as product info and sales information.


While multimedia works to initiate sales and entertain customers, it performs another powerful task by reinforcing branding.

The repeated appearance of multimedia, whether presented in the store or on a website,  builds lasting brand awareness and loyalty. It creates a brand presence that connects with audiences and leaves lasting impressions. All of this helps your business stand out from competitors and appear in a customer’s mind when they are in need of services or products that you provide.

When using multimedia to impress customers, it’s important to use branded elements throughout your customer’s entire experience.

You want to provide helpful, engaging website content and on-hold messaging for customers who aren’t yet in your store. And then, you want to drive home your brand by using interesting and useful in-store media such as digital and interactive signage and overhead messaging.

All of these elements combined create a powerful presence that speaks to your customers from the beginning to the end of their experience with your brand. This helpful and engaging approach to building customer connections helps your auto business stand out, build trust, establish authority, create a loyal customer base, and ultimately, sell more tires.

Now that you know the benefits of using multimedia in both your physical store and online properties, look again at the list of ways you’re using media. Did you find that you are missing opportunities to use multimedia to sell more tires?

If so, Spectrio has a guide to help you get back on track.

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