By Brittny Baldwin, Spectrio Senior Video Writing Specialist

Museums are a place to explore an interest, spark inspiration, and learn about the past. In this industry it has become increasingly important to keep evolving or run the risk of losing visitors or funding.

So, how would you accomplish this in a simple and cost-effective way? Well first, an important question to ask would be: what makes your museum stand out? What does your museum possess that could be displayed in a more unique and engaging way?

Spectrio had the special opportunity to bring the Florida Holocaust Museum into the digital age. This beautiful museum houses many artifacts of the Holocaust, including one of the last remaining railroad boxcars used by the Nazis to transport Jews.

There’s also an incredible collection of photos and stories about the heroes of the Holocaust – those who risked their life to help the Jewish people. This exhibit consisted of printed photos, displayed on a wall, with their respective story or biography placed below on a podium. The issue to overcome was that the current exhibit wasn’t engaging, and only approximately 18 heroes could be recognized in the space allotted.

Spectrio created a digital database with the photos and biographies of all 100+ heroes of the Holocaust. This was then loaded onto a player which is connected to a 60” display, and could be controlled by museum visitors via an interactive touchscreen. By performing a simple search, museum visitors can learn about any hero that they please. Here’s a short video to show how the system works: Click Here


According to Erin Blankenship, Curator of Exhibitions and Collections of the Florida Holocaust Museum, the Holocaust survivors who have interacted with the exhibit have been proud, overjoyed, and sometimes even emotional at the sight of their personal hero featured on the interactive exhibit.

With digital signage, the upkeep is minimal and the cost is small. If updates are ever needed, such as making an addition to the hero database, it’s as simple as 1) logging into the web portal, 2) adding the new biography and photo, and 3) clicking ‘Save.’


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