As an office manager, part of your job is doing what is best for your office. The other part of your job is often getting approval to do what is best for your office.

Many office managers can’t make improvements or upgrades to the office without getting approval from bosses or owners of the business. Office managers need to provide compelling reasons for why a change will benefit the office, especially if that change costs money.

So if you are an office manager who knows that digital signage will benefit your office but are struggling with convincing your boss of the same, here are a few talking points to help you get your boss to say yes to digital signage.

It’s More Affordable Than You Think

Projects and improvements often get shut down for a very simple reason: money. Because digital signage is a technology upgrade, it can sound pricey. In fact, high cost is one of the biggest misconceptions about digital signage. So, be sure to explain that digital signage isn’t as expensive as it sounds.

  • “We can bring in digital signage for less than $100/month.”. A partnership with a professional provider is affordable and simple to set up. Digital signage packages with Spectrio start at just $55/month.
  • “Doing it on our own will likely be more expensive.” Many offices think they can save money by putting together a digital signage plan of their own. But installing and setting up your own signage often leads to unnecessary, additional costs and a lower ROI. Purchasing the wrong equipment, improperly installing the technology, and creating low quality content will decrease the benefits of digital signs.

It Will Save Money

Once you establish that digital signage is affordable, drive the point home by going on to explain how digital signs can actually help you save money too. Show your boss how digital signs begin to pay for themselves.

  • “We won’t need to pay for replacement signs.” If your marketing budget includes new marketing signs and posters, you can cut this out of your expected expenses if you bring in digital signs. You won’t need to order replacements signs as you’ll be able to simply update the content on your screens, often at no cost.  
  • “We can get more out of our human resources.” Digital signage can help alleviate stress on your human resources. You can use wayfinding digital signs and interactive check-in kiosks instead of requiring staff to assist and welcome your patients. This can help you get the best use of employee time and decrease the human resources needs of your office.

Plus, Digital Signs Will Help Us Make Money

On top of being affordable and providing ways to save money, digital signage can also help bring in extra revenue.

  • “We can better promote and sell our products and services.” Because digital signs catch and hold the attention of visitors in your office, they are the perfect place to display promotions for your products and services. You can create content that highlights packages, upsells, new offerings, sales, and promotions. Digital signages acts as an unpaid salesperson.  
  • “We can use signage to make advertising income.” Digital signage content includes space for advertisers. So if your office wants to bring additional revenue, you can sell ad space to third-party businesses that provide non-competing, complementary services that your patients may be interested in.

Our Patients Will Love (and Remember) It  

Show your boss how digital signage will benefit the business, but also highlight how it  will benefit the patients. Get your boss to say yes to digital signage by explaining how signs will improve the experience of your visitors.

  • “Digital improves the waiting room experience.” Over 95% of patients are frustrated with long wait times, and that common annoyance can be reduced through the use of digital signage. When engaging, interesting digital signage content is displayed in a waiting room, it can make a 30-minute wait feel more like a 20-minute wait. Shortening a patient’s perceived wait time will make them have a better overall experience at your office.
  • “Visitors are more likely to remember information they see on digital signage.” Only 25% of people were able to remember information presented through a lecture only versus 80% of people who were able to remember information presented through a lecture accompanied by visuals. Visually-driven content displayed through digital signage is more memorable for visitors. Therefore, patients are more likely to remember your marketing and promotions. But more importantly, they are more likely to remember information about medications, home health care processes, and any other vital health care information you need to share with them.

The Ongoing Maintenance Is Easy and Affordable

Another big misconception about digital signage is that once it’s installed, it is difficult to maintain. So be sure to explain to your boss that the upkeep for your new technology is simple and cost effective.

  • “Creating content will not drain our resources.” You do not need to create hours of custom content to fill your playlist. Providers like Spectrio offer a library of content for you to choose from. So you can select pre-made, professionally produced content that matches your office’s needs without creating any content on your own.
  • “We don’t need to hire an internal team to produce our custom content.” If you want to create custom content for your digital sign, you can do that too. And, you don’t need to hire an internal creative team to accomplish it. Spectrio has a team of professional writers, designers, animators, and actors that will help you bring your ideas for custom content to life.  

Knowing that digital signage will benefit your office is the first part of the process. The next step is convincing your boss or office decision maker of the same.

With these talking points, it should be easy to get your boss to say yes to digital signage. But if you need even more talking points, download our free guide “Everything You Need to Know When Deciding if Digital Signage is Right for Your Business.”

It includes other helpful talking points such as the many ways to use digital signage, its many benefits, and questions to help you decide if digital signage is right for your business.

So get the guide, approval, and on your way to a more efficient and professional office.