jumbtron at staples center

Event organizers and entertainment venue managers are increasingly using technology to engage their audiences in new ways. One powerful tool in their arsenal is Enplug’s digital signage software, which works with TVs and jumbotrons for event marketing.

For example, imagine you are a Lakers fan at a Lakers game in Los Angeles. On the Enplug-enabled big TV screens you see #lakers2017 and “See your photo here!” You whip out your phone to tweet “Having a great time at the Lakers game #lakers2017” and then your Twitter photo and tweet pop up on the event marketing TV screens.

Enplug in stadiums

Enplug clients using this technology include FIFA, the Dodgers, Staples Center, Sunlight Supply Amphitheater (formerly Amphitheater Northwest), and Oracle Arena.

For event organizers and entertainment venue managers, using Enplug-powered TV screens to stream digital content can be one more avenue to engaging your attendees. For example, you can showcase content from event sponsors or announce promotions such as “free popcorn for the next 15 minutes.”

You can also have multiple screens displaying the same or different streaming content — all managed from a single easy-to-use Enplug web dashboard. Want to announce at an expo that a keynote speaker is starting now? Just flash the information across the screens. Or share the info that there is a technology panel starting in a specific location in the venue.

Event marketing

Using the Enplug dashboard apps, you can create numerous content options that both entertain and inform event attendees. You can display content you already have or create new content for specific events to share via the Enplug web dashboard or from your mobile phones.

To learn more about event marketing using Enplug at sports, entertainment and expo events, click here for a free demo.