interior of sports store with digital signs on posts

Brick-and-mortar retail locations are utilizing retail digital signage to connect with their customers in interactive ways far beyond static signs.

Whether you want customers to share hashtagged social media updates while visiting your store or you want to showcase fashion-worthy outfits, use Enplug retail digital signage to connect with your customers.

The Enplug system can be set up in 15 minutes by anyone in your organization, and your team can manage content across multiple TV screens in locations around the globe. In addition, each location can add customized content targeted for that specific location.

Here are five great ways you can use Enplug software to drive engagement in your retail location:

1) Increase your brand’s social media following

Enplug’s Social Media Wall App and Instagram App allow you to showcase a live stream of posts surrounding your brand on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more – providing customers with the instant gratification of seeing their posts instantly appear on the screen.

Enplug digital signage at Pollo Inka fast casual franchise with social media #polloinkaexpress

Getting your customers to follow you on social media while they’re in your store is just the beginning. You can then continue to market to them over time using your social media channels.

2) Encourage social proof via Yelp reviews

Yelp has become a highly influential marketing tool for retailers looking to grow their business. In fact, 72% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, while 90% of Yelp users say positive reviews impact their buying choices.

Digital Displays for Retail Franchises


Using the Social Media Wall App you can showcase the latest reviews from your Yelp account and remind customers to share their own. We’ve seen some businesses increase their Yelp reviews by 33% in just 90 days using Enplug.

Or run advertisements offering discounts to customers who share a review on Yelp. How much is a Yelp review worth to your business? Offer your discounts accordingly.

3) Motivate customers with relevant “call-to-actions” in your image and video advertisements

With a relevant and engaging call-to-action, your advertisements can become much more effective with digital signage. For example, The Outlet Shoppes at Atlanta uses Enplug digital signage with the hashtag #STORiAtlanta to ask customers to share shopping trip moments.  This spreads word-of-mouth and drives the social media engagement.

social media retail digital signage

Customers love to see their posts instantly appear on your displays, and this provides social proof to other customers as well.

4) Turn your customers into your loyal fans

Converting customers into brand evangelists will help create sustainable growth and lifelong supporters of your brand. In other words, your customers need to become fans of your business. Instead of just showing a loop of promotions, share images and videos of your brand’s story and values to help customers connect with your brand on a deeper level.

Place digital displays in your checkout lines or other areas with high dwell time to captivate your captive audience.

5) Connect with your customers via campaigns and sweepstakes

Giving away a brand new TV? Discounting holiday items? Getting rid of last season’s styles? Enplug’s apps are perfect for advertising your latest promotions and campaigns.

Retail digital signage

Or run a sweepstakes for product giveaways. Promote the sweepstakes using Enplug’s Graphics and Video App, and ask customers to enter by posting at your business on social media.

The possibilities are endless

Enplug offers a wide variety of apps from which your business can choose. Check out our great apps for helping your business grow.

Learn more about Enplug’s digital signage for retail locations.