ID-100152164When you have many repeat callers to your business, it’s important to keep them engaged. After all, they are most likely your “bread and butter” and you’d probably like to keep it that way. So, when they call back – we’re talking month after month, week after week, or even day after day – you need to make sure they are engaged.

One way to do this is with your on hold messages. Use your hold time to relay important information to callers so your employees don’t have to keep answering the same questions time after time. Let the callers know what you need from them in order to help them quickly. If your website can assist the caller, be sure to refer them there.

Here are a couple of techniques you could use to make sure your on hold messages are fresh for repeat callers:

  • Change the content frequently. Some of our clients update multiple times per month, and a few of them update every week. This guarantees that their on hold message content will be fresh for their callers.
  • Use a long on hold production. In most cases, the production plays in a loop and the caller will drop in wherever the audio is playing. The longer the production, the less likely the caller will hear the same messages if they call back frequently.
  • Have fun with your callers while they’re holding! Teach them something new, by adding trivia to your on hold messages. Share a few jokes or inspirational quotes. If the caller is entertained, the hold time will just fly by.

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