Calculating Return On InvestmentHandling calls with an automated attendant can be a great investment! It can save time, both for your employees and your callers, by answering some of the most frequently asked questions quickly and simply, without any human interaction. It is also helpful for routing calls to specific departments, as a “computerized receptionist.” An automated attendant can even answer the phone and give callers information when you’re not there!

If your employees are forever giving directions to your business, or telling callers your hours, an automated attendant (auto attendant) might be right for your company. But what’s the ROI for automated attendant?

We’ve cited our Jiffy Lube information before, as part of a larger case study, but here’s an example of the ROI for just the automated attendant at two Jiffy Lube test sites.

Of 511 calls received during a 45-day period, 286 callers had their questions answered by the auto attendant. One hundred fifteen callers waited on hold (another spectacular marketing opportunity) to speak to an associate. And 74 of the calls were after hours, where callers heard hours of operation and current specials.

And of those 511 calls, 37 callers asked about the special that was ONLY promoted on their automated attendant. This promotion increased sales by $1,294.63 over the measurement period. The investment in Spectrio call handling equipment and services was less than $100 per month per store, creating a $994.63 return on their (approximately) $300 investment. That’s 231% ROI…not bad, and that’s not even including the time saved when the auto attendant answered questions that the caller would normally be asking the employees!


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