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Whether you’re leading a team or just starting out, there are definitely days when your workplace can seem less than inspiring. On a rainy Monday morning you struggle to get started. On a sunny Wednesday afternoon you push past the midweek hump. No matter what day of the week, inspirational quotes remind you what you need to achieve and why, while delivering a quick boost in the workplace.

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At Enplug, we use digital signage to share inspirational content that looks as good as our modern office and also relates to team goals. But finding relevant inspirational quotes doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. Here are three ways that any workplace can find inspirational content that will lift team spirits – and productivity.

3 Ways to Create and Share Inspirational Quotes in the Workplace

1. Crowdsource Inspiration in a Slack channel

Whether you’re in a creative space or a construction company, inspiring your employees shouldn’t just be a job for internal communications or human resources. To get your whole team involved, we recommend creating a Slack channel called #inspire and let your team participate in the conversation of inspiration. A few questions you can ask:

  • What inspires them?
  • What words motivate them?
  • Who are their idols?
  • What makes them excited to work at your company?
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You’ll gather a unique set of quotes and content from your team members that can be shared in office communications. Solutions like Enplug’s software even allow you to display the Slack channel on TV screens around your office. Your own team members’ words will spark motivation when on display. When your team feels involved and their opinions are valued, not only do their engagement levels increase, but so does their productivity.

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2. Surface Team Inspiration With a Survey

Create a survey with similar questions to those listed above and send it to your team. The data will reveal commonalities to help you understand how your colleagues work. Highlight the key results and share them with your entire team. Surveys offer a simple and impactful approach to kicking off a team meeting or setting the tone for a retreat.

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3. Display Inspiring Quotes on Digital Signage

Use the monitors around your office to share inspirational content that’s beautifully designed. For our recent Sign Builder App update, we created templates of the quotes that inspire our own team. These quotes reflect our values including teamwork, reliability and more. You can also download the quote graphics in this post and 4 more and upload them to your displays using our Graphics App.

Showcase these quotes throughout your office to inspire your team to achieve their professional and personal goals. You can even create a fun challenge where the person with the most meaningful quote will be acknowledged as the company’s motivational Quote of The Month”!

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