These days, businesses have started focusing on social media and marketing to promote their products, services, engage with the audience, and earn better profits. The advantages of social media marketing have almost exceeded traditional marketing channels.

Companies from all walks of business are on social media. The reach can be increased from millions to billions by using social media. Read this article to find the answer on why social media is important for business, as well as all the other benefits you can gain from going social.

1. Get better search engine online presence.

There is a correlation between social media and search engine presence online. Instead of struggling hard to get the backlinks for a perfect reach, social media platforms target the audience. The platform serves as a content distribution channel that can make proper use of the timing and when it is the best time to grab maximum attention and traffic in likes, views, followers, etc. 

2. Competitive analysis to know more about competitors.

The best part of using social media for business is that you can grab information about your competitors quickly. This information can include their ad and content promotion strategies. Therefore, you can make a comprehensive examination to reap more benefits from ads and marketing in a unique way. 

3. No geographical restrictions.

Geographical boundaries can’t stop your business from reaching people; for example: if you run a business in the USA, you can promote your services in Europe, Asia, or cover the whole world with ease. You can easily target potential customers with an online presence. 

4. Social media and SEO go hand in hand.

Just using SEO (search engine optimization) for a successful ranking in search engines is not enough these days. Social media is vital for better branding, credibility, and getting the trust of potential customers. Make sure to adopt a strategy to rank on the keywords specific to your niche and actively post on social media platforms. 

5. Use existing audience as proof for potential customers.

Even if you have the best design and a unique UI/UX experience, that won’t automatically lead to high traffic. The same goes for every business as people will usually go for those who have a large following. It gives social proof for new or potential customers to engage with the business’s products or services. 

6. Social media provides exceptional customer service.

If we talk about how effective social media marketing is, we can see that several companies and big brands have started offering exceptional customer service via these platforms. You are just a request away from being assisted by the support team. Now is the time for instant help, and social media platforms offer immediate assistance with customer feedback.

7. Gain opportunities with higher conversion rates.

Social media gives you the power of increased visibility. In this manner, the business can gain better opportunities with higher conversion rates. The increased visibility comes from authoritative content and much more, leading to increased traffic. The business gets almost 100% higher lead conversion rates as compared to essential outbound marketing. This point focuses on making your brand interactive online, and people will surely follow you with trust and credibility. 

8. Increase sales and earn better profits.

Suppose a business is thriving in targeting potential customers, the earning increases. It is more likely if the sales figures are right, social media helps in maintaining that. The benefits are available almost free of cost. Still, it provides a global presence.

9. Gain more followers, become an influencer.

From brands to artists and celebrities, they all use social media extensively. By making use of these social platforms, they can increase their authority and reach, thereby gaining more followers. More valuable information posted is shared to a more considerable extent by the followers, and thus you become an influencer in your industry. 

10. Know more about your potential customers.

Knowing your customers the right way is a success mantra for your business. Social media’s importance lies in understanding the customers and catering to them with the information they are looking for. 

11. Reduce marketing costs.

Business organizations try to reduce marketing costs. However,  one of the benefits of social media for businesses is that it can provide a cost-effective way to promote the brand and grab potential customers. There are several social media platforms that companies can use to share content without any extra cost. 

On the other hand, if any business is looking for stepping into advertising solutions, the social media platforms offer seamless ways to target a specific audience. It is based on demographics, interests, and keywords that can be included under different ad campaigns.

12. Make your brand the talk of the town.

If you opt for effective branding strategies, you can see the brand as part of the public’s conversation. More people will engage in discussing the products and services offered by the company. It will provide great feedback for the brand and act as an audience proof from the existing customers to new customers to get on board. 

Keeping this thing in mind, companies should share engaging content related to asking open-ended questions, sharing feedback about a specific product, and networking with other companies.

13. Build a customer base with brand loyalty.

There is nothing better in the world than building brand loyalty via social media for free. Customers or users who follow you on social media keep themselves engaged and enjoy every post shared. In the long run, the customers become loyal to your brand, making you stand out and promoting your brand for free. 

Here are some ideas to keep your audience happy:

  • Offering discounts to followers via social media channels.
  • Asking open-ended questions, which can boost engagement.
  • Attract your followers and potential customers with giveaways and competition.

14. Direct customers to your website.

The benefits are useful for directing your followers or customers to your business website. For this to work, you must have implemented SEO strategies for traffic, as well as the ranking of your website. However, social media also directs referral traffic to your site. Social media channels such as Instagram provide a diverse inbound traffic flow for your website, and the total traffic is a mix of SEO (search engine optimization) and SMO.

15. Use it as a retargeting tool.

The advantages of social media will never stop. The retargeting tool comes in handy to acquire customers. Advertising lures customers to different offers. Retargeting campaigns can push these offers only for the people who already showed their interest. Retargeting can drive customers from other websites as they stick to the recommendations, and you can see the product being sold efficiently. That’s the power of social media.

16. Make use of viral campaigns.

You must have heard about the viral ads that are revolving around you. Businesses can use a social media calendar to manage the campaigns, as it significantly impacts the audience. These viral campaigns use hashtags that remain popular for many years, thus bringing customers closer to your brand, visiting your website, and staying engaged. 

You get a lot of attention, and it improves ROI (return on investment) by making the ad go viral for customers. It all depends upon your expectations but never forces this thing as it won’t fetch better results. Lastly, the content should be good enough to leave a long-lasting impression on users. 

17. Promote your content wisely.

The importance of marketing via social media lies in promoting your content wisely. As that old saying goes, “Content is the King,” and it covers the aspects of creative content like headlines, images, time slots of the post, and much more. When you write content, make sure it’s creative and original — this will ensure content writing success.

Storytelling is another good example, wherein customers or followers can refer to others, and thus, you get more followers on board. This way, the content is promoted and allows for better audience engagement for the product. 

Use social media calendars or any other scheduler to auto-post content, say on Twitter or LinkedIn, as you focus more on creativity and not just posting plenty in a day. It is all about the art of telling stories relevant to your products or services.

18. Focus on niche topics that customers love.

Find groups on social media that are relevant to your product. Once you post your content there, the chances are you will get better reach. Keeping the focus on your industry will ensure that like-minded potential customers will follow you. Around 72% of the customers who start following you are likely to purchase a product or service from your business.

19. Use A/B testing for achieving more significant results.

A/B Testing is when you present a different version of the same website or blog to different categories of people. But here, in the case of using social media for marketing, you present similar posts to the followers and get conversion results. This method helps find the best social media posts that can be effective for the most significant results. 

Companies can use A/B testing tools and put some effort into trying to track the best results that are fruitful for the business.

20. Use ‘#’ (hashtags) for a better reach.

Hashtags are a better way to increase the reach of your content. If you are using social media for marketing, hashtags can relate to trending topics, viral topics, and much more. People often search for them, and if you include the hashtags in your post, and you can get more visitors if you are lucky.

Usage of hashtags is free, and there is almost a 55% chance of your post being re-shared by a follower or user. It will certainly boost engagement—another benefit of social media.

Wrap up:

The advantages of social media marketing are never-ending. 

Besides this, other benefits to consider can include the following:

  • Increase your brand awareness 
  • Get more inbound traffic using specific tools
  • Increased brand authority 
  • Cost-effective solutions for a healthy business
  • Gain marketplace insights

Till then, happy posting and make sure your content is engaging to read and get a like or follower for good measure. Whether you are a business owner or an individual artist, blogger, writer, or influencer, you can use social media for better promotion.

This guest post was written by Marco Guiliani, the Content Manager at Planable.