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Spectrio Acquires 10 Foot Wave

Welcome to the Spectrio family–we are pleased to announce that 10 Foot Wave and Spectrio are officially joining forces to bring you a more comprehensive in-store marketing solution to create the store of tomorrow, right now.

As of February 9th, 2018, 10 Foot Wave has merged with Spectrio – one of the nation’s leading providers of location-based marketing solutions. Spectrio helps companies like yours create memorable ‘surprise-and-delight’ customer experiences – powered by content and technology. We’re excited to partner with you so we can provide even more opportunities to help your business grow.

You’ll continue to work with your favorite staff members and support teams. You’ll also receive the same quality service and reliable personal attention that is a cornerstone for both Spectrio and 10 Foot Wave.

For Spectrio, it will always be about you the customer. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. As such, with Spectrio you’ll now have access to a greater variety of services and innovative marketing solutions – such as custom Digital Signage, Overhead Music and Messaging, WiFi Marketing, and On-Hold Messaging – all from one trusted partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spectrio?

Spectrio is a leading Location-Based Marketing company and has recently merged with 10 Foot Wave. We are your new provider for your digital signage services.

Can I still use my same content?

During the transition, your current content will be available. If anything changes in the future, we will notify you.

Will the turnaround time change?

You shouldn’t notice any significant change in turnaround time.

Who do I contact if I need to make a change?

You should contact the same team that you have in the past.

Do you have my old content?

Generally, yes. Please contact your 10 Foot Wave rep at 704-313-0399 for information.

If there is a problem with my content, to whom do I speak?

You can call the 10 Foot Wave team at 704-313-0399.

How often can I update now/has my program changed?

Your program will remain the same.

If there is a problem with my hardware, who should I call?

You can call 10 Foot Wave tech support at 704-313-0399 to assist with any hardware issues.

How will the merger effect my billing?

Invoices will be coming from Spectrio starting soon. You may need to contact Spectrio if you had an automated payment set up, to verify the information at some point. You can download an EFT, Credit Card Authorization, or Spectrio W-9 by clicking here. If Spectrio is already a provider for your other marketing services, in the near future you will receive one combined invoice. Should you have any special billing requests, please contact us at admin@spectrio.com.

Why am I receiving this invoice?

We are the company that provides the services on the invoice.

Why am I receiving the invoice from you and not 10 foot wave?

10 Foot Wave has merged with Spectrio as of February 9, 2018. All billing will now come from our corporate headquarters in Tampa, Florida.

Was an announcement letter sent out about the merger?

Yes. The Accounts Payable Department should have received an announcement in the mail from Dax Brady-Sheehan, Spectrio CEO. We also emailed an announcement to the main contact responsible for copy or production material.

Is the invoice for future service or in arrears?

We bill 15 days prior to the date of the invoice. Payment is to be made by the invoice date.

What is the remit to address for payment?

P.O. Box 890271
Charlotte, NC 28289-0271

Do you take credit cards or bank by phone?

Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express & EFT. You can download an EFT, Credit Card Authorization, or Spectrio W-9 by clicking here.

Can we be set up on autopay?

Yes. You can download an EFT, Credit Card Authorization, or Spectrio W-9 by clicking here.

Where do I send vendor information requests or banking information for ACH?
Can you send me a W-9 for Spectrio?

You can download an EFT, Credit Card Authorization, or Spectrio W-9 by clicking here.

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