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Spectrio Acquires Codigo

Welcome to the Spectrio family–we are pleased to announce that Codigo and Spectrio have joined forces to bring you a more comprehensive suite of in-store marketing solutions for every industry.

Spectrio’s current clients receive turnkey equipment, installation, programming, and creative content development as well as the ability to customize timing, format, and marketing messages to help drive customer behavior. With the merger, Codigo clients will benefit from the use of Spectrio’s comprehensive in-store marketing technologies as well as additional in-house production, creative, and technical support staff.

You’ll continue to work with your favorite staff members and support teams. You’ll also receive the same quality service and reliable personal attention that is exemplary of both Spectrio and Codigo.

For Spectrio, it will always be about you the customer. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. You now have access to a greater variety of services and innovative marketing solutions – such as custom Digital Signage, Interactive Kiosks, In-Store Music and Messaging, WiFi Marketing, On-Hold Messaging, and Scent Marketing – all from one trusted partner.

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