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Spectrio Acquires LifeShare Technologies

In order to continue to provide the best customer experience possible, LifeShare has joined forces with Spectrio to meet the ongoing needs of our present and future clients. “Staying connected socially with your family and your community is a major factor in quality of life and engagement, not just for people in the senior living environment but for anyone,” said John Moore, LifeShare Technologies Founder and CEO. “We are excited to join Spectrio and to be able to offer a wider range of products and services to senior living communities.”

What This Means To You

With the merger, LifeShare clients will have access to a wider variety of engaging solutions, including Spectrio’s comprehensive suite of marketing solutions – Interactive Kiosks, Overhead Music and Messaging, On-Hold Marketing, WiFi Marketing, and Scent Marketing – through one provider. The acquisition comes as Spectrio continues to build integrations with third-party API applications to increase the flexibility and functionality of their digital signage. Connecting applications, and industry-specific platforms allows Spectrio’s clients to customize their solutions and create a more engaging experience for residents, families, staff, and visitors to your community.

Your Competitive Advantage

Spectrio serves clients from local businesses to large brands, seamlessly unifying online marketing experiences and in-person brand experiences with content and technology. You now have access to multiple solutions that will continue to increase the engagement with your residents and their families, ease the burden on your staff, and create a better experience for everyone in your community.

In addition to our senior living-specific technologies, we now also offer multiple solutions that will engage your residents and their families. See how below!

Community Share

CommunityShare keeps families, residents, and staff up-to-date, entertained, and engaged. From powerful digital signage to calendaring, music, games, notifications and more. CommunityShare enhances your senior living environment.


LifeShare connects residents and their families via email, social media, text messaging, pictures and videos, using their existing TV and a simple remote control. Families also have the option of assigning a Family Manager for each resident.

What does this mean for us/How does this affect us?

You should see no functional changes how your service works, or who you interact with. All of your LifeShare contacts remain the same. All support services and customer service remains the same. The same processes are still in place and your services and logins remain the same. If there are changes in the future, you will be notified as they happen. LifeShare still remains dedicated to the highest quality products and services for our customers.

Who is Spectrio?

Spectrio is a leading In-Store Marketing company and has recently acquired LifeShare. We are your new provider for your senior living communications systems, including LifeShare, CommunityShare, and the Family Mobile App platform.

Can I still use my same platform and systems?

Your current systems and platform will be available just as they have always been. If anything changes in the future, we will notify you.

Will the turnaround time change?

You shouldn’t notice any significant change in turnaround time for any of your services.

Who do I contact if I need to make a change to anything on my account?

You should contact the same team that you have in the past.

If there is a problem with my content or system, to whom do I speak?

You can call the LifeShare team at 317.825.0320.

Who do I contact if I need to add a location or another service on my account?

You can call the LifeShare team at 317.825.0320, or call your LifeShare Account Executive directly.

If there is a problem with my hardware, who should I call?

You can call LifeShare tech support at 317.825.0320 to assist with any hardware issues.

How will the merger affect my billing?

Invoices will be coming from Spectrio starting soon. You may need to contact Spectrio if you had an automated payment set up, to verify the information at some point. You can download an EFT, Credit Card Authorization, or Spectrio W-9 by clicking here. If Spectrio is already a provider for your other marketing services, in the near future you will receive one combined invoice. Should you have any special billing requests, please contact us at

Why am I receiving invoices from you & not LifeShare?

LifeShare has merged with Spectrio as of July 18, 2019. All billing will now come from our corporate headquarters in Tampa, Florida.

Was an announcement letter sent out about the merger?

Yes. The Accounts Payable Department will be receiving an announcement in the mail from the LifeShare Founder. We also emailed an announcement to the main contact responsible for your services or production material.

Is this invoice for the future services or in arrears?

As a rule, LifeShare and Spectrio bill in advance for services. If this practice changes, we will let you know.

What is the remit to address for payments?

P.O. Box 890271
Charlotte, NC 28289-0271

Do you take credit cards or bank by phone?

Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express & EFT. You can download an EFT, Credit Card Authorization, or Spectrio W-9 by clicking here.

Yes. You can download an EFT, Credit Card Authorization, or Spectrio W-9 by clicking here.

Where do I send a vendor information request or banking information for ACH?

Can you send me a W-9 for Spectrio?

You can download an EFT, Credit Card Authorization, or Spectrio W-9 by clicking here.

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